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  • Archive for May, 2007

    Shooting the Canon

    Yes I spelled it that way on purpose. I just thought I’d reprint the guts of a post I made on Alvaro’s ComicBoards.com, in the X-Forum. Because I accidentally got out some coherent thoughts on a matter I see a lot, specifically when people talk about X-Men First Class. Someone mentioned that I consider the [...]

    Parent Sees Another Movie!

    That’s right, I got to sneak out to the movin’ pictures and see another feature, and it was great. No time to review, but I assure you, I will purchase a copy of HOT FUZZ.

    Dear Sweet Lord: Comicon International

    Tom Spurgeon has made pretty comprehensive guides to Comicon International in San Diego before, but apparently he’s decided to make the definitive, end-all, don’t-you-part-time-bloggers-even-bother-with-your-silly-convention-tips- Guide and Focal Point for the four-and-a-half day event. This is great for me; now I can direct any inquiries from fans or professionals to this place on the web, and [...]

    Walk-In 6 Out?

    Has anyone been by the comics shop to see if the final issue of my top secret project from Virgin Comics has shipped this week? It’s the epilogue to the series, and in a freak occurence, somehow I actually drew it. Here’s a little bit of the art, colored by my man Sheetal from the [...]

    Welcome Your New Shark Messiah

    Oh, you can call it parthenogenesis, but we know what’s up. In other news, I think the final issue of Walk-In from Virgin is out today. I’ll put some bits up from that later.

    Spider-Man, Family, Issue, 4

    Order it, won’t you? Now that the cover image is out officially I don’t have to obscure it here. Disclaimer: Gorilla Man does NOT wear a green shirt in this story.

    “Wha–!? Cerebro never computed the lovability of baby ducks! That’s not what Cerebro is for! Once again, Parker blatantly disregards irrefutable mutant history.” – Some Fanboy, Somewhere Okay, I’ve seen nothing like that, but I’ve seen lots of good reviews of the X-Men First Class Special, which is great because I want to work with [...]

    A Giant Origin

    I can’t wait for everyone to see Marvel Adventures-The Avengers tomorrow. It’s the beginning of an arc with Leonard Kirk drawing, and Val Staples from X-Men First Class is coloring. These guys go together like, like… Leonard Kirk and Val Staples. I can’t think of anything that works better. Add to that it’s a story [...]

    The Noah Game

    You may have heard about the Encyclopedia of Life that’s being started up, in which (mad) scientists are going to attempt to catalogue the entirety of species on our planet in an accessible online venue. Obviously, a number of scientists saw how Wikipedia grew like crazy and said “we gotta get in on that sweet [...]

    Passing This On…

    In case you don’t read The Comics Reporter for some reason, Tom Spurgeon has info links and a donation address for the family of cartoonist Tom Artis. It’s pretty depressing.

    Out Today…

    Swing, stretch, stealth-walk, rampage or flame into your local comics shop today, Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #2 is out. That is all. UPDATE: No, that is not all. Karl Kesel wants people to know that he’s selling the inked cover of SMFF #1 on eBay right now, part of his ongoing “pay veterinary bills for the pet [...]

    That Was Free Comic Book Day

    UPDATE: Thanks to Aaron Albert’s ABOUT entries, I’ve got pictures now! See below.-Stealy But now I see Steve Lieber has already done a little report on the signing at Cosmic Monkey, which covers most of what I would say since he was at the same table. He’s right, David Hahn did draw a lot of [...]

    Weng Weng

    Nothing to do with anything, I’m just embedding this so I can watch it some more at a moment’s notice.

    More Free Comic Book Dayness

    I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that while at Cosmic Monkey this Saturday, I’ll have a jar next to me collecting money for The Hero Initiative. I’ll probably be doing quick sketches for $5 donations, but there’s no limit on how much you can stuff in the jar of course. Other links around… Stefan [...]

    Free Comic Book Day: Cosmic Monkey

    Yes, I implore you to release Comic Book Day, and if you’re around the Portland, Oregon area, do so at the new Cosmic Monkey Comics on Sandy Blvd. in East Hollywood. It’s a big beautiful store and I’ll take some pictures. It’s 12 to 3, this Saturday. Here’s the line-up, cribbed straight from the Cosmic [...]