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  • Happy Earth Day


    “Ooh… NICE.”

    -Ego, The Living Planet from Marvel Adventures The Avengers #12

    Merry Earth Day? Fruitful Earth Day? How do you wish this planetary day at someone anyway? Looking at NPR.org this morning I immediately gravitated (haw) to a couple of articles, which are more are less Earth news.

    Nuclear Plant Harbors Crocodiles
    I think we all see where this one is going. Start sawing Florida free from the U.S. mainland NOW.

    Test of Einstein’s Theory of Gravity Hits a Snag
    A really interesting project, but mainly I’m just fascinated with the name Gravity Probe B.

    Now I guess I’ll go pick up some litter or disconnect a downspout or something. And of course, ride my bike.


    Comment from Mister Neal
    Time: May 12, 2007, 2:25 pm

    I really liked the Ego issue of Marvel Avengers, by the way. The sequence where he’s talking about Earth’s shorty is my favorite recent example of how words can so totally change the impact of an image.