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  • Archive for April, 2007

    Hooks and Mice

    I planned to promote my Free Comic Book Day appearance in this post, but all I can think about at the moment is these mice in my house. I’ve already caught around seven, but now they’re getting brazen and just running across the floor in the daytime too. I hear it’s going on all over [...]

    What To Do With The Dead

    I was just listening yesterday to Scientific American podcasts on iTunes (for free!) and there was discussion of subjects spoken on at the World Conference of Science Journalists, which I wish would acronym to NERD, but it doesn’t. They brought up the topic of Burial Rites, and that my favorite form of dealing with dead [...]

    Hard. Cover.

    It’s a Very Atlas Day. That jam-packed Agents of Atlas hardcover edition will be in discerning comics shops everywhere (and the Amazon warehouse), and the X-Men First Class finale starring Gorilla Man will be out too. I couldn’t have planned that better if they let me. So let’s make that hardcover sell out fast so [...]

    The Geek Speaketh.

    For those of you who can’t get enough of my weird voice and inabiity to remember the simplest of trivia, I’ve done another podcast interview, this time with Chris Marshall of Comic Geekspeak. Podcasts; the perfect thing for people with long commutes. That, and audiobooks.

    Happy Earth Day

    “Ooh… NICE.” -Ego, The Living Planet from Marvel Adventures The Avengers #12 Merry Earth Day? Fruitful Earth Day? How do you wish this planetary day at someone anyway? Looking at NPR.org this morning I immediately gravitated (haw) to a couple of articles, which are more are less Earth news. Nuclear Plant Harbors Crocodiles I think [...]

    Deleted Scene

    I’ve seen a few people mentioning that I got away with quite a bit in this month’s Marvel Adventures: Avengers story, “Ego, The Loving Planet.” But I didn’t get away with as much I tried for. And probably for the best because it’s All Ages rated, but I couldn’t help myself. Here’s Page 18 as [...]

    The whole ballot will be listed soon, but let me jump the gun and say this. Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodlebook has been nominated for Best Comics-Related Book in the 2007 Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards! Congratulations to John Hitchcock for getting this project so far, and to Billy Ingram for laboring over it [...]

    Aw Yeah.

    The universe’s biggest player has just rolled into town. Pick up Marvel Adventures The Avengers #12 today.

    Nothing Today

    I feel my role here is to provide distractions from the real world, but as I’m sure it is with a lot of you, I can’t think of anything else but that Virginia Tech massacre today. Just awful, and I wish the best for the recovering victims.

    One Month Off the Junk

    I just realized that I haven’t drank coffee now for a whole month! So my fears that I wouldn’t be able to function without it were completely unfounded. Of course, I went through a couple days of withdrawal that felt like I had the flu, with my head pounding. But my body seems to have [...]

    Kid Art

    I have no art to show at the moment, but luckily I have little Parkers who crank out a metric ton of it every day. Allie tends to draw or paint girls and pays special attention to their teeth. She’s actually started drawing lines around the eyes on some pieces, but those are on paper [...]

    Spider-Man FF, Out Today

    So if you happen by the local comics shop, happen on over by the S section of the shelves and grab a copy. And then look all the cool things Wieringo drew. And then buy it, with your winnings.

    Comic Zone Radio Interview Tomorrow

    On World Talk Radio’s Comic Zone at 5:00 Eastern, Wednesday the 11th, I’ll be talking to Vincent Zurzolo about… comics and stuff, I guess. The call-in numbers are Toll Free: 1-866-613-1612 and International: 001-858-268-3068. Again, this is really more a reminder for me than you, since I check my blog as if someone else is [...]

    Storyboard Tips

    Let’s take some time to answer viewer mail. This recent exchange is a good one because it covers some things about storyboarding that I get asked from time to time. There’s not a lot of useful information on the craft, which I assume because it’s so specialized and also storyboard artists don’t want the competition. [...]

    Hero Ball

    The Hero Initiative, formerly of the confusing acronym ACTOR, is auctioning off a baseball from the DC vs. Marvel game that went down at San Diego Comicon last summer. I’m sure it’ll sell well just for our shortstop John Romita Jr., but you might want to get over there and make the bidding interesting. All [...]