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  • Archive for March, 2007

    Gotta Catch That Train

    Sorry no post yesterday, but deadlines. And I had to go get a replacement driver’s license because my two year old will remove things from my wallet and put them in a diaper pail or whereever, and I need ID to get on the train to go to the Emerald City convention this weekend. I’ll [...]


    Vaneta Rogers and I talked about that upcoming mini, and the interview just went up! Go learn the secrets of the IMPOSSIBLE MAN…

    WALK IN 4, Out Today

    …I think. As I’ve mentioned before, Virgin doesn’t share that solicitation info in obvious places one can easily find it, like the internet. Hence I don’t have an image of the actual cover handy. So here’s the one for issue 2. The whole miniseries has essentially fallen off the radar despite strong opening reviews, because [...]


    That’s right, the Emerald City Comicon is this coming weekend, and it’s going to be held right there, in the Space Needle, because everything in Seattle happens right there in that building! Or you can check the website and get the real details. The main thing you need to remember is that I’M THERE, somewhere [...]

    We Chatted. Avengers Were Discussed.

    The Live Chat at Avengers Forever.org went smoothly, and I didn’t lose my internet connection during the whole thing, as I secretly feared. And now you can read how it all went down, here. It’s easier to follow than most chats because it’s moderated well. I had a great time, and just now noticed that [...]

    Burma 1989-2007: The Ultimate Cat Post

    And I mean that in the literal sense of the final-and only, I think- cat posting. But this is my one chance now to get in on all that Friday cat-blogging. My little pal/muse/cat-daughter Burma passed away Wednesday in the wee morning hours. I was lucky that I got up to go to the bathroom [...]

    In Stores Now

    X-Men First Class # 7 is out, and if you mouse over the image you can see the name Pietro Maximoff SHOULD have… While The (Marvel Adventures) Avengers take on a Serpent cult and Spidey works the crowd. Get ‘em! And today at five, I’m LiveChattin’ over at Avengers Forever.org.

    Avengers 14…The Actual Cover!

    Many of you noticed the solicitation for the upcoming Marvel Adventures Avengers with the Agents of Atlas, but were scratching heads because of the cover. I can answer that- Marvel ran the wrong cover for the solicits! I would really like there to be a noticeable sales spike with this one so they can see [...]

    Live Chat This Thursday

    Over at AVENGERS FOREVER, I’ll be talking about Marvel stuff probably. That’s 8:00 pm Eastern, 5:00 pm Pacific. I’m so pathetic that I’ve asked Brian there to email me every day this week so I don’t forget to log on. I may ask you to send me a reminder too.

    The Past is Not Lost

    First, for no other reason than to use the power of suggestion irresponsibly, I think I’ll make you hungry. Sorry. The real subject today is that my old Archives from Mystifying Oracle are now over here. Hah, to those of you who thought I just started a blog a few weeks ago. I went through [...]


    What ongoing? Ongoing what? I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not at Wizard World LA this weekend, so I don’t have any information.

    A Vampi Story

    Over at my Comicspace page I just put up another gallery, with a Vampirella story I wrote and drew for Vampirella Magazine a few years ago. A little romp with ghouls, witches and a late night horror show like you don’t see anymore. I’m putting it up because I don’t think Harris has any plans [...]

    Paniccia at Newsarama

    A nice piece is up today with Marvel editor Mark Paniccia. Editors don’t get their praises sung much because no one can see what they do, but I couldn’t get away with 90% of my madness without him egging me on. If you have a moment, let him know he’s doing a good job in [...]

    Toth Boards!

    Hey, look over at AnimationArchive.org, they have a nice long piece on Alex Toth with designs. Like this one.

    What? None of My Books Ship Today?

    Someone’s gettin’ a Grandpa for that. Make ‘em pay, Al.