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  • Archive for February, 2007

    Drop Me Some Science

    First, appropo to nothing, all the bumbling-around mischief during my teenage years would have been avoided if YouTube was around then along with this series on how to build a mini Sherman Tank. But on to the real reason I’ve called you all here today. I was just shaving out some bloglinks where no one [...]

    New Flytrap

    Writer Sara Ryan has written a new installment of FLYTRAP, and our new studio member Ron Chan drew it. It’s pretty cool, read the whole thing here.

    Last Call…

    Belly up to the bar, folks. I think today is Final Order Cut Off for the Agents of Atlas hardcover. Now you know we want to see them kick more ass and interact with that dragon. So let’s call some retailers, Diamond, and make sure the shelves are full of ATLAS. Since you’ve got ‘em [...]

    The BitTorrent Debate

    Thanks to all of you who weighed in thoughtfully the other day when I asked how you use BitTorrent feeds for comics. You’ve created a nice body of arguments and feedback on the matter that can probably be referred to plenty in future discussions on this. The consensus here is that, as with the music [...]

    It Feels Like Someone Has Scotch-Taped My Left Eye.

    I was going to discuss the excellent compilation of thoughts on the BitTorrent comics in that entry, but now I’ve squandered all my free time for the morning looking for new glasses to replace the ones my two year old has re-distributed somewhere. And any frames that look half-interesting are ruined by the maker putting [...]

    Currently Stuffing Face With…

    “Tagalongs.” It’s that time of year when those beret-wearing pushers show up with their chocolate, peanut butter and fat-filled drugs, and I always stock up on this one. Because I don’t have the fortitude to put a gun in their faces and scream “You leave my family alone!!!” Instead I get about three boxes and [...]

    Okay, I’m Not Showing You This Link, Right?

    So I’m looking for writings on who’s finished the AGENTS OF ATLAS series lately, finding some nice things like this, and then I come across THIS. Now, I’m not a snitch, and who the heck would Marvel yell at about it anyway. But I started to wonder, and thought I’d pose the question. Do any [...]

    Update Those Links!

    “Please.” If you haven’t checked in here in a few days, I’ve moved the blog over to my main website, PARKERSPACE. It’s something like 73% more nifty, according to studies. And if you have absolutely nothing else to write about and want to post an entry on your own blog, you could do me a [...]

    Casino Royale Rules Hard

    This is part of my slowly ongoing series Movie Reviews By A Parent of Young Kids, which should imply that they’re all going to be long, long after the release date. In fact, to have seen Casino Royale this soon is actually ahead of the game for me these days. Fortunately, it kicked all grades [...]

    The Nabakov One’s The Best.

    Via BOING BOING via COOP I just read this Drew Friedman piece from the New York Observer, Guilty Pleasures of Literary Greats. Pretty tame stuff by Friedman standards, but it’s written with someone else. I’ve been meaning to do a post on Friedman at some point, but it will put me in the awkward position [...]

    Coming Along, Right This Way…

    So now the NEWSLETTER section is working. Register in there and you never need worry I’ll do something interesting that you won’t know about. I’ll also try to figure out a way to make it a neat thing to be a part of, like exclusive cat pictures or some such. Now I need to cobble [...]

    So Long, Fare-well, Auf Wedersehen-Good-byyee…

    That Von Trapp Family number is dedicated to the beloved Mystifying Oracle, which we now must leave to drift around at the mercy of the internet tide, until it’s buried in the sediment forever. As promised, I’m finally folding the blog into my main website, PARKERSPACE.com so the site will actually be updated frequently again. [...]

    Welcome to PARKERSPACE

    Yep, the diner menu that never updates is GONE. And this homepage is now my weblog. A HUGE thanks to Steven Gettis for suffering through my emails and calls and presiding over the unholy marriage of html and css coding. The old version of the site can be seen by clicking on the Old Parkerspace [...]

    Stinky Cheese Templates

    Finally, we have official corroboration on a phenomena that has vexed my drawing friends and I for a decade. For me this began at Artamus Studios years ago whenever Chuck Wojtkiewicz would break out his set of ellipses and circle templates (which he kindly lent me all the time!) and the room would fill with [...]

    Fantastic Five

    Time to talk Spidey and the Fantastic Four.Yep. And I ain’t a-stoppin’ there. This one’s with Dave Richards who did such a great job on the Agents of Atlas articles at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.