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  • Archive for November, 2006


    Over to the Newsarama, there’s an excerpt of Todd DeZago interviewing his oft-collaborator Mike Wieringo from the new Modern Masters magazine. Mike’s memories are dead-on, because I can remember him being freaked out and working round the clock to make his deadlines on The Flash. That reminds me that I meant to use this blog [...]

    Major (Atlas) Spoilers

    “…M-11 The Human Robot sets out to melt the ice encasing Namora, as the rest of the team realizes that they’ve set off the alarm. And since Namor has proven that Atlanteans always respond without drama, the alarm had to be a swarm of forty-ton giant rock crabs. Heh. You have to love a book [...]

    Look In

    Loyal poster Zack sent me this link to the Look In archives of 70′s shows in ‘picture strip’ form. Which makes Buck Rogers seem a lot more exciting than it was- I’m pretty sure Dr. Theopolis orders someone to be put to death in there. There’s neat dynamic stuff with the spaceships and the Wilma [...]

    3rd Act Storms

    I know you’re all racing out of your respective workplaces at top speed now to go make food, so I won’t provide any more blog content than anyone else is at the moment- which is none! But I was just thinking about how many Disney animated features have their climactic scene in a rainstorm that [...]

    XFC 3, Go and See

    That’s right, the issue with Chaz Xavier pimprollin’ out to you is in stores today. You can pick up some sadbastard mutants if you want, but our little X-Hippy Love In is waiting for you when you need that boost afterwards. As Bobby Drake says: “X!!!!!!”


    First, I want to put up this cool Darwyn Cooke Criterion cover thats making the rounds thanks to Chris Butcher talking about it. I wish DC would ask Darwyn to do lots of their covers in addition to giving him his own anthology ala the Solo book. Now I want to see if I can [...]

    More Hank Palahniuk

    In case you didn’t see the link down in his comments, Jesse Hamm has more Dennis the Menace/Fight Club mashups. Love ‘em.

    And Now, A Message To The Republican Party From Spider-Man.

    And please my conservative friends, that’s not a dig at you or any of the rank n’ file, just at the evil overlords who usurped your party long ago. And he’s a Spidercrat, which transcends party lines. Still this is the first time in a long while I’ve been able to follow political news without [...]

    Dennis Durden

    Or Tyler the Menace, whichever, please go look at what Jesse Hamm has done. He has mashed up DENNIS THE MENACE and FIGHT CLUB. Essentially Dennis and Joey are Brad Pitt and Ed Norton. Genius.

    Vote Up On It

    And when you cast that vote, consider it in terms of the superheroes, as laid out by Dave’s Long Box. I dare you to find fault with his reasoning on the affiliations of the costumed.

    PROCESS: How To Draw Like Leonard Kirk

    Let’s just take a Monday morning to consider that pencil fiend Leonard Kirk. First, the Wizard Roundtable gave AGENTS OF ATLAS some love, and their favorite line of Book 4 is actually one LEONARD suggested to put in! WIZARD UNIVERSE Then Ray at Silver Bullet Comic Books rightly hailed Leonard for giving the returning Namora [...]

    WHAT IF…I Needed Glasses?

    Yow, my backside’s a-burnin’ from some of the heat vision of readers who have found out who I implicated as the real culprit of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED! If you’d like to know and don’t have the latest WHAT IF by me and Aaron Lopresti, you have a fair chance to figure it out. Hope you honed [...]

    Boo Part 2

    Halloween’s all over now, but here was my jack o’ lantern. And here’s the rake-hand ghost that got much scarier once it was dark. Now, has everyone picked up ATLAS 4?


    Yep, she’s back in action in AGENTS OF ATLAS #4 today. Her daughter is dead, but she’s back in a big way- spread the word, please. If you want heroes fighting every kind of bad guy imaginable, you’re going to want to pick it up. Hope everyone had a great Halloween- I was going to [...]