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  • Archive for October, 2006


    Yeah, I haven’t posted all week. Them crazy, crazy deadlines, and getting dangerously close to artists needing things to draw. But this was nice- on my birthday, the new Wizard came out and they gave Agents of Atlas Book of the Month! That’s not too shabby at all. And on the same day, I turned [...]

    Oh Yeah.

    Solicitations are up now for Marvel Adventures #9, which will probably go down as the pinnacle in the careers of me, Cameron Stewart, and Juan Santacruz. If you don’t usually pick up the book, just tell your friendly local retailer that EVERYONE BECOMES MODOK!!!

    XFC #1 Sells Out; Squirrel Goes Free

    I’m not implying there’s a connection, but both happened on the same day. For the past few days a scratching and chirping had been coming from one of the upstairs walls like something was trying to BREAK INTO THIS WORLD. It became clear that the squirrel inside wasn’t going back and forth, but had fallen [...]

    ATLAS 3 Tomorrow!

    And Dave Richards and I talk about the series midway through at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES.

    The Parker Tapes

    Got a long drive on the main road out there, lineman for the county? Need to listen to people talk comics while you search in the sun for another overload? Then listen to me talking with WORD BALLOON’s John Siuntres, recorded a week ago. I don’t remember what we discussed now, but it was fun. [...]