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  • Archive for September, 2006

    Silver Bulleteer

    At this point I wouldn’t foist another interview on you, but looking through it, I appear to have slipped up and said things with actual content. Probably because Silver Bullet Comics owner Alan Davis started this with me a couple months ago, and Mitch Montgomery came in and finished it, and somewhere along the way [...]

    Too Much Opera-Man Coffee!

    Shannon Wheeler is the world’s greatest promoter and this weekend the Too Much Coffee Man Opera opens. It must be seen. When: 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 22-23 and Sept. 29-30 Where: Portland Center for the Performing Arts, 1111 S.W. Broadway, Brunish Hall, 503-248-4335 Cost: $24.50-$30.25; also available though Ticketmaster (503-790-2787), subject to service [...]


    If Agents of Atlas gets behind, you can blame Leonard Kirk running around living it up with his Federation buddies. Yes, the two men who donated parts of their real and fictional names to create the man in the middle. You can get more details on this meeting at Leonard’s blog. And special thanks to [...]

    X-Men This Week

    And I talked with Sam Moyerman over at BROKEN FRONTIER about it. The miniseries that starts Wednesday. And thanks to Greg McElhatton, now I purchase extra freeze-dried fruit to kick in when Kellogg’s Fruit Harvest decides to forego its name halfway down the box. But then Allie got into the strawberries yesterday and just ate [...]

    Return to the Patcave

    Another DRAGONCON in Atlanta has come and gone, and I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t link to Pat Sun’s photo album of the show as if I’d spent the weekend collecting cosplayahs. Go enjoy!

    Agents of LEONARD

    NEWSARAMA has an interview with The Atlas Foundation’s premiere artist Leonard Kirk today! This was done at the Toronto Comic Book Expo last week. Leonard comes off better than I do in live interviews. I’m now so chicken I email the answers while sitting at the table with the interviewer. He has some good stuff [...]

    Wizard Proclaimeth

    Right-on. AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 made book of the week with the Wizard Round Table. I like the way they talk about it, and love Ryan Penagos’ quote: “That might be the first time that any writer handled the hot button issue of gorillas sh–ting in UFOs. And he nailed it. That scene is gold.” [...]

    Out-of-Character Lawgiver Says…

    Y’all know that there AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 is out today! Now get on down there to the Piggly Wiggly or whereever they sell funnybooks and don’tcha pay no nevermind to them crossovers and such. The only one you want got my boy Gorilla Man on the cover, livin’ hard! Go on, now!

    More Media, and RIP Steve Irwin

    N’gowa. For those of you who still turn on your computer on Labor Day, I subject you to two more articles prominently featuring ME. I know it seems like I barely make it through a day without mass media coverage, but from my perspective, it’s a correction, a balance shift from a period of my [...]

    Two for One!

    If I had my way, the one-man hype machine that I am, my interviews would be spread out instead of posting on the same day. But, I think we’ve established long ago that I do not get my way. But Jen Contino and Dave Richards did ask me good questions about two different books, so [...]