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  • Archive for August, 2006

    Kubert Activism

    Since I don’t have any world shaking things to expound upon today like the overuse of high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener or my latest Marvel book, I’ll pass on this open letter that Joe Kubert has sent out. The end source of the petition seems more specific than most email petitions (which are largely [...]

    Look Upon These X-Men…

    Ye mighty, and behold. A preview at PopCulture Shock. To all those who told me when I was a little boy that I’d never be able to live my dream of having the X-Men fight a rose bush, I say FIE!

    Sorry Little Guy

    But we’re an 8-planet solar system now. Hey, Spidey, that’s way out of line. In some solar systems, Pluto would have Jupiter-like status! Also you may have seen the Marvel solicits go up the other day, and among them is the RETURN OF NAMORA in AGENTS OF ATLAS #4. For some reason they keep making [...]

    Damn You, BerryBurst Cheerios

    General Mills and I differ wildly on what amount of freeze-dried fruit a “burst” is, I’ll say that. Sure, we’re still out of the dark ages when Raisin Bran could get by with putting four raisins in a whole box, but not by much.

    Still not going 3-D, but…

    …I have to admit, with only legos to express himself, David Oakes makes a compelling argument for 3D Man’s inclusion on the Agents of Atlas team.

    Preview ATLAS 2

    There’s a hefty (yet blurry) preview of AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 making the rounds, so look it over, decide to order it, and call your local retailer. Please. My favorite is this one at Comics Continuum, because it gives us an AOA book written by Justin and Jimmy, with art by Linser. As of when [...]


    Silver Bullet Comicbooks has a pretty neat setup for previewing books. Click the link and you can see a few pages from tomorrow’s MARVEL ADVENTURES AVENGERS #4. I can’t believe I can’t find any art from it on my computer. Anyway, you’re going to want this one, because it’s totally Airwolf, as you’ll see from [...]

    Interview Week Wraps Up…

    …with me talking to Caleb Mozzocco at the new site BamKapow. I don’t think for a minute anyone’s going to read what he asks me though, once they look to the side and see the link to half-naked girls wearin’ Supergirl outfits.

    …and his costume upsets my tummy.

    Thanks to Steve Lieber for rounding up the latest batch of Atlas love- it really gets me psyched as I write the last couple of issues. Here’s some: Ain’t It Cool News|Comix Experience | Wally Whateley | Newsarama | Lex Luthor | Barbelith | Jack Ketch | Signalbleed | Broken Frontier | Scoop | Big [...]

    The Comics Reporter

    I had a good talk with Tom Spurgeon at THE COMICS REPORTER for the Sunday Magazine. As a veteran interviewer going back to the best years of The Comics Journal, Tom was able to make me give straight answers instead of the usual snakeoil I sell everybody. Read how I compare comics people to the [...]

    Atlas Avatars!

    Spread ‘em around, please. Thanks to intern Eric for laboring in the Photoshop mines! And heck, before someone else does it without trying to match the font…


    This is pretty incredible. In just the first day out, Agents of Atlas reviews have started coming in, and the rest of the creative team and I are overwhelmed. Thanks all of you who have helped get the word out on this book. Here are some of the reviews so far: UPDATE: More reviews! Silver [...]


    AGENTS OF ATLAS #1! Don’t wait for the trade, go get it NOW! People who follow my Adventures work be aware that it’s rated T1 for 13 and up. That’s because Gorilla Man has a potty mouth and Venus keeps misplacing her clothes. Now, let’s go clear off those shelves so retailers can reorder more!