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  • Archive for July, 2006


    I don’t think I ever posted THIS LINK, which will give a preview of the first pages from the first AGENTS OF ATLAS. Courtesty the fine folks at Graham Crackers Comics. Some who have seen early versions of this preview came away thinking that the story takes place in the 50′s (and that it will [...]

    Get Ready…

    Sorry I gave no follow up to San Diego, it’s just a blur of people to me now. My last real recollection is me up on the Mondo Marvel panel not being clever enough because I was out of steam. I should have pointed out how Gorilla Man is twice as good as Punisher because [...]

    Toth Book Heads Up

    While the Toth Doodle Book turned out very nice, it looks like a batch of misbound copies made it into these initial shipments. The printer is pulling those out now. If you’ve gotten a copy with 24 pages repeating, I’ll see that your copy is replaced with the real thing! You can send the cover [...]


    As packed as the place is, I’m able to cross the floor easier this year simply because I’m close to the door and can walk outside to the other end of the center and walk back in. I did that when going to chat with Mark Schultz, Dave Johnson, Aaron Lopresti and others. Piles of [...]


    So for the past few days the Toth book was sitting in the Montreal airport, along with a few other books nervous publishers were hoping to have for the show. I spent a good chunk of the morning writing WHAT IF? and then called down to see if Fed Ex had come by. Why yes, [...]


    You can just call it “Another Day Without Toth Books” for me. It looks like I’m not going to be breaking even with this trip, because I just checked and the books have JUST NOW left Quebec. Great. Having nothing, I stayed in my room this morning and did the final lettering touch-ups on AGENTS [...]


    What the heck, I’ll blog this con since I have all this wifi coursing through the hotel room. So. If you live in Portland, Comicon actually begins at PDX airport. Upon reaching my gate I found Linda Medley also (Castle) waiting for the same plane. She told me the best Gary Groth story about how [...]


    That’s right, it’s all about me. I look forward to meeting all 90,000 of my fans over the next few days. But hey, go give the movies and games producers a little of your time too please, we don’t want them to feel left out. Anyways, you can find me: COLDCUT INDY ISLAND- BOOTH 1901- [...]


    Hey, you can see a few more pages from Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodlebook over at THE PULSE. And if you’re going to Comicon International in San Diego this week, look for the Cold Cut Indy Island palm tree as you walk in. There you’ll see me waving at you, with a big stack [...]

    Toth Book. Nerves.

    It’s close to the wire, and the printer may actually have Alex Toth Doodlebooks for me to sell next week at San Diego Comicon. I’ll give you an update shortly, and also let you know my show schedule in case you’re going to be there. I will likely not have time go get lunch so [...]

    Broken Frontier Interview

    Hey, Fletch Adams and I talk about Agents of Atlas, Marvel Adventures books, and X-Men over at BROKEN FRONTIER today. This one’s pretty good, go read it please. I wanted to talk about SUPERMAN RETURNS but haven’t had time yet. Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience in San Francisco really echoed closely my feelings on the [...]

    The Wizard of Atlas

    Hey, did I mention that Wizard article? I just want an excuse to put up Coker’s Marvel Boy cover. Ground control to Major Tomm…

    Heroes Pix

    That was supposed to sound like “Hero Clix”. Anyway, once again I have to live vicarously through Pat Sun, who documented the living S out of Heroes Con last weekend. He’s a menace with that camera. Good shots, like our friends Heidi and Colleen enjoying some beverage that may have come from those mysterious mason [...]