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  • Archive for June, 2006

    Leaky Kirk

    Leonard “Lookame! I’m a genius!” Kirk has put some more AGENTS OF ATLAS art up at his blog for all to see. Thankfully he’s chopped up the panels a bit so people can’t piece together the story and thus have things spoiled for them. Boy is it already Friday? When you spend half the week [...]

    Monday Avenging

    MARVEL ADVENTURES: THE AVENGERS #2 is on shelves now, with a story I could only call “The Leader Has A Big Head.” Honestly, that was just a placeholder title until I thought of the real one, but everyone thought it was fine so it stayed. There’s a review at Silver Bullet Comicbooks up that you [...]

    Rated X

    How ironic that today as I’m flying coach- Extreme Coach, I might add- Wizard has an interview with me about X-Men: First Class. I’m never answering interviews by phone again. I sound like I should have a slingshot in my pocket and a propeller beanie on my head. I say everything but “Dude.” Still, the [...]

    Damn Right.

    The name is GORILLA MAN. Cover of Agents of Atlas Issue 2, by Tomm Coker.

    Like a Quinn-Martin Production

    Over at All the Rage/Silver Bullet Comicbooks there looks to be some color previews of those Leonard Kirk AGENTS OF ATLAS pages. She’s not mentioned, but the colorist on the book is the unmatched Michelle Madsen, who were very happy to land. She knows her stuff!


    Over at Comic Book Resources, the identity of the Golden Age character we’re bringing back is revealed! Thanks to Dave Richards for all the work on that feature. Whew.

    Some Post

    Did any books of mine come out yesterday? I feel like I haven’t talked about myself in hours!


    Remember that ongoing AGENTS OF ATLAS feature at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES? Course you do. Today’s penultimate bit focuses on Jimmy Woo, because you shouldn’t forget that Jimmy is an active team member. So, we dragged it out a week- Friday you’ll get that mystery member the betting pool has been working overtime on. Mystery Golden [...]

    I Can’t Shut Up

    Sorry! If someone asks me about projects I’m writing, I talk about them! I can’t help it! Such as over at NEWSARAMA, where currently you can find me and Chris Arrant discussing X-MEN FIRST CLASS (or as I like to call it, Happy X-Men or X-Men: The Salad Days). There’s a big profile on our [...]

    Al Wiseman The Menace

    I meant to mention this after I found it through The Comics Reporter- Bill Alger has devoted a blog to one of my favorite cartoonists, Al Wiseman. Even as a tiny child I could tell Wiseman’s work from the other artists on the Dennis the Menace comicbooks, though I didn’t know who drew it. I [...]

    Toth Obit in LA Times

    The LA Times has a very nice obituary on Alex Toth today. Good work.


    That is, MARVEL BOY. The AGENTS OF ATLAS profile on him is up at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES now. Put on your wristbands and zip on over there.

    Of Course I’m Jean Grey

    You Are Jean Grey Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death). Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally! Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals Which of the X-Men Are You? What I don’t get is the one [...]

    X-MEN First Class All The Way

    Well dang, it seems I’m writing an X-Men book. That’s a link to me talking about it with Jen at THE PULSE. And hey, MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR got nominated for a Harvey! Also, sometime today the Marvel Boy profile should go up at Comic Book Resources, but nothing so far.