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  • Archive for May, 2006

    Toth Book in the News

    Benjamin Ong Pang Kean asked me some questions about the Alex Toth Doodle Book this weekend after Alex died, so there’s some more thoughts on the man and his work over at NEWSARAMA. There’s also some thoughts from John Hitchcock and a few more pages from the book. I believe Rich Johnston will have a [...]

    Alex Toth, Thanks For Everything

    According to John Hitchcock, Alex Toth passed away this morning at around 7 am. I had braced myself for the eventuality weeks back when he went into the hospital, but I’m a ridiculous optimist. When he pulled through and sent word out that he was on the mend, I got my hopes up that he [...]


    Remember that ONGOING FEATURE AT COMIC BOOK RESOURCES ON AGENTS OF ATLAS? Of course you do. Well now they have the one up that has an interview with series artist Leonard Kirk! And I provide notes on the most enigmatic character of AOA, The Human Robot. Who officially has a name now after several decades. [...]

    Pitch In! We Need Marvel Boy!

    Do YOU have an impressive Golden Age collection that includes old Timely/Atlas issues of ASTONISHING (featuring Marvel Boy) or MARVEL BOY (featuring Marvel Boy)? What I’m getting at is that we- and by “we”, I mean cover artist Tomm Coker- need 600 dpi scans of any good cover images from the original appearances of Marvel [...]

    Mental Organism Designed Only for Kink


    Tomm Coker art. Matt Hollingsworth color. In MARVEL WESTERNS: WESTERN # 1. Order it NOW because it ships in July!

    Tothcode and Avengers Reviews

    That was a clever title, huh? Full of all the wit and double entendre you can expect from me at 6:30 in the morning. Anyway, Jeff Rose of the Tothfans website let me know that the Diamond ordering code for the Alex Toth Doodle Book is available, and it is “JUN063296″ “DEAR JOHN ALEX TOTH [...]

    More AGENTS Like VENUS

    Today is Part Two of the ONGOING AGENTS OF ATLAS FEATURE AT COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. More useful information, and some character notes on the real power of the team, VENUS! If you have a moment, represent in the message board thread. That is, when you’re not telling everyone about the Toth Book.

    The Alex Toth Doodle Book!

    Properly speaking that’s DEAR JOHN- THE ALEX TOTH DOODLE BOOK, but I know people looking through search engines for this book they heard of will naturally enter Alex’s name first. I’ve finally had a chance to make a website to promote the book, and there are some samples of what you’ll see inside. This project [...]


    Okay, I’m pretty sure MARVEL ADVENTURES- AVENGERS #1 is out today. I’m almost certain. I hope everyone enjoys it and those of you who know Marvel heroes inside out will be patient as the book does what all Adventures books are supposed to do, which is introduce the characters to people who may never have [...]

    Octopus Press

    As you may have heard me gripe before, I really wrestle with logos and usually barely get out alive after a bout of creating one. I was never crazy about the original Octopus logo that I used on The Interman, but I ran out of time to keep destroying it. Since the Toth book is [...]

    Doom Where’s My Car!

    Here it is, the comic book that CHAPEL HILL COMICS declares to have COVER OF THE YEAR. No wait, maybe he said Century! Hats off to Juan Santacruz who really is impressive from front to back in MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #12. And we assure you, any resemblance to this movie is purely coincidental. Also [...]

    Part One: GORILLA MAN!

    Okay advocates for Gorillas In Comics– the first installment of AN ONGOING AGENTS OF ATLAS FEATURE AT COMIC BOOK RESOURCES is up today, and I talk a bit more about the cornerstone of our team, GORILLA MAN. If it sounds interesting to you, please spread the word. Marvel is taking a chance here, publishing characters [...]

    Destiny’s Child

    I forgot to mention how well Free Comic Book Day went at Cosmic Monkey the other day. Andy and the gang were doing gangbuster business and had a massive sidewalk sale with good stuff I should have perused before it all went away. On one side of me were Mike Russell and Devon Devereaux, and [...]

    Jealous, Easy?

    It’s always funny to bumble across a shout-out to yourself when you’re not expecting it, especially when it’s delivered by one of comics’ all-time greatest tough guys. If you all haven’t been reading THRILLMER, you should add it to your links because it’s a great collection of comics. Sadly, they can never make a movie [...]