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  • Archive for April, 2006

    The Avengers

    Whoop- preview pages! Marvel Adventures Avengers- get ‘em while they’re hot. See how kickbutt Manuel Garcia and Scott Koblish are! Coming up pretty soon.


    If you’ve been in the comics shop today and leafed through the latest Wizard Magazine (#176), you may have uncovered the mysterious Golden Age project I mentioned a while back. It’s a miniseries called AGENTS OF ATLAS, being drawn by Leonard Kirk and with covers by Tomm Coker. A mega no-prize goes to Zack, who [...]


    Reposted from the Mercury Blog, so I have A BLOG ENTRY. Sorry, we were out of town at a wedding, seeing how much little kids like staying in a car for hours on end… It’s not all just blood and police tape around here at Mercury Studio. Why, if you go over to Newsarama, you [...]

    Review, Picture

    I tried to post last night, but Blogger was runnin’ block on me. Here’s a new review of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #11 over at Silver Bullet Comicbooks. And since I haven’t posted any pictures in a while, here’s one I found while checking through folders looking for the list of ISBN’s I’ll need to [...]

    Toth Book, You Say?

    Okay, it’s true. Though I’ve mentioned incessantly that I’m in no big hurry to publish a book for a while (and thus have to fill orders), I am going to crank up the OCTOPUS PRESS machine to publish a collection of Alex Toth work. How could I not? This is twenty years worth of doodles [...]

    Portland. Powell’s. Pthursday!

    That’s POWELL’S BOOKS on Burnside, Thursday night at 7:30 until- featuring Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin of Banana Sunday, James Lucas Jones of Oni Press, and my studiomate and oft-collaborator Steve Lieber. It’s GRAPHIC NOVEL NIGHT, and the guests will be talking about how comics are made and fielding questions from the room. Heck, I [...]

    Reviews, I Got

    …as the story progresses, the pair gets to know each other better and the humor gets more interesting. “I can’t believe I’m talking to a fine lady from an alternate universe. This is the most rad thing that’s happened to me all week.” Silver Bullet Comics reviews Untold Tales: Starbrand!

    Thanks to Everybody

    Now see, with my trained eye, I could have told you that the Rockwell piece was a fake. Thanks to The Spurge for finding another fun story oddly related to cartooning. And thanks to Chris Rangel and the organizers of the Emerald City Comicon this past weekend, who made space for me and my studiomates [...]