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  • Archive for February, 2006

    Nip It In The Bud

    While I was coughing all over Manhattan, Don Knotts died. Growing up in North Carolina, it was required by law that we watch the Andy Griffith Show religiously, though exceptions were made for the black and white episodes. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that show as one of the top things produced by television is doping, [...]

    Escape From New York Comic Con

    That was INSANE. I knew people were ready for a big show in Manhattan again, but no one saw that coming. People were pouring into the place like water and those without preregistered passes were turned away into the cold. Well, it wasn’t really that cold, in fact it was sunny and nice outside, which [...]

    Sick In The City

    After weeks of kids coughing right in my face and me wiping their noses with my hand, I finally caught the cold that all of America has. It started manifesting the night of my red-eye flight to New York- right on! Even though Jet Blue is pretty comfortable, there’s just no sleeping on a flight [...]


    There, that will be the Mad Magazine parody title, and prolly the title for every review the movie ULTRAVIOLET starring Milla Jovovichgets. Anyway, several comics artists and I drew mock comics cover for the title sequence for this. That was about a year ago, and for all I know they’ve since changed it to something [...]

    Marvel Adventures: THE AVENGERS

    Thanks to those of you who have written nice letters after seeing the latest Marvel solicits with the latest Adventures book, THE AVENGERS. We’re starting with Manuel Garcia pencilling, and me (Jeff Parker, searcher enginers) writing, and Aaron Lopresti providing covers. Excellent art all the way around! Since the Adventures books are supposed to introduce [...]


    One of those zillion interviews I mentioned is up at NEWSARAMA. Okay, maybe it was more like three. But when you repeat info, it feels like more. You can read and then post in the message board where people question whether I’ll maintain the integrity of the New Universe. Where were these people when the [...]

    STARBRAND Preview

    Neat– there’s a six page preview of STARBRAND SPECIAL at NEWSARAMA. Written by me and drawn by the inventive Javier Pulido! About a zillion interviews with me talking about it will be popping up any day now, so I won’t say much here. But tell your shop to hold a copy of “Adventures in the [...]

    Votes In: America Loves PRESIDENT STRIPPER!

    First I was happy to see the not-easily-impressed gang at Comix Experience in San Francisco give the story a thumbs up in The Savage Critic. And a while ago I bumbled across a good review from Fanboy Planet… The opening story of a go go dancer by John Buscema and John Romita Sr. features some [...]


    This is pretty cool–NEWSARAMA has a 25 page preview of SIGHT UNSEEN, the new graphic novel by Bo Hampton and Bob Tinell. Bo spelled out the basic story to me a while back, and it’s cool to see that the whole 152 page book has come together. Somehow they’re selling it for under 20 bucks, [...]


    That’s right, Marvel’s ROMANCE REDUX is out today. Pick up today’s issue for my redub of “I DO MY THING… NO MATTER WHO IT HURTS!” It’s worth it for the beautiful Buscema/Romita art alone!