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  • Archive for January, 2006

    Kickin’ Interview

    Hey football fans, there’s an interview with me by Arune Singh over at Comic Book Resources in which we talk about that Kickers Inc. story I mentioned earlier. I was surprised at all the hoopla around this until I finally looked at the sales numbers for NEW AVENGERS. Holy $#@&! Everybody must be reading that [...]

    New York Show

    Finally, a big comics convention in New York again. That only took 11 years. Here’s one of the guest lists, and I’m very glad they used this picture. Sure, a robot boxing gambling addiction is nothing to be proud of, but at least it’s not posed. The show is February 24th through the 26th at [...]


    If you’ve been by NEWSARAMA, you may have seen the preview art for the Kickers Inc. story by me and Juan Santacruz. You heard me, I wrote a Kickers Inc. story, that’s right. Look, just trust me. We’re getting on in prime time too, being the back up feature in NEW AVENGERS. Pick up “Kickin’ [...]

    It’s Slobberin’ Time!

    Yes, I actually got away with that title on Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #8. Silver Bullet reviewed it the other day and I just saw it. Give it a read, whydontcha. It’s got LOCKJAW in it….

    Coker: DRAW!

    I’m finally working with Tomm Coker on a story– a western short for Marvel which I’m probably not supposed to be talking about yet– and it’s so cool each time I see another page in the email I have to post a snippet. Just a little one. This one should snap people out of typecasting [...]


    Since you won’t listen to your parents, I’m going to have to embarrass you on the internet! Now leave the cat alone! She’s being so patient and nice, not responding with clawed vengeance. That picture is actually a little old, from Allie’s 2nd birthday party last year, courtesy pal Stewart. She’d just woke up, and [...]


    It’s taken me forever and a lot of haranguing to get into ACHEWOOD, but now I can’t stop reading. It can be hard to follow at first though– read the Wikipedia entry which is a good breakdown of the whole thing.

    I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am

    While we’re talking science, why aren’t our thinktanks working around the clock to make our own glowing pigs like scientists in Taiwan(courtesy BoingBoing)? Does anyone remember this being done with monkeys just a few years ago? I’d like to find out how that progressed, because glowing monkeys are cool on a mythic level. I had [...]

    Now Dat’s Science

    As much as I love real science, Crank Science sure is fun to follow too. As a comics writer, I’m obliged to follow whack theories, because that’s what our industry is built upon. Someday I hope to work in artist Neal Adam’s expanding Earth theory(when’s it gonna pop?), and this guy has all kinds of [...]

    I Hate People Who Aren’t…

    …Count Dante!

    Happy Birthday, Boy!

    STEPHEN REID PARKER! Of course, he can’t read this, and even if he could I wouldn’t show him the post because he tries to smash my laptop with his puffy little hand everytime he’s near it. Nonetheless, the Crawling Juggernaut is one year old today.