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  • Archive for December, 2005

    Almost In!

    Hey readers who have had to suffer through seeing a giant jellyfish everyday for over a week, my apologies. I’ve been working like mad to get some things done on that house I mentioned so we could move in TOMORROW. I put in a bamboo floor in my daughter’s soon to be room, and thanks [...]

    Giant Jellyfish!

    Via BoingBoing I just saw this- yikes! Imagine drifting into the business end of that blob. Here’s the article.

    Our House…

    …but thankfully it’s not in the middle of the street like the Madness song, it’s on a corner lot. If my blogging is sporadic for a couple of weeks, it’s because we’ve finally become homeowners, and now have to get that place ready to move into. It’s a 1924 bungalow in the Hollywood neighborhood of [...]

    H0 H0 H0

    The Marvel Holiday Special is in comics stores now, if you’d like a heartwarming tale where Ultron becomes Santa Claus and tries to give The New Avengers the gift of Death. Reilly Brown worked really hard on “Yes Virginia, There Is A Santron,” pick it up! Also: there’s Roger Langridge work within.