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  • Castles and Secret Societies

    Looking through Real Tegan’s links I saw the American Castles page. Some ugly html, but it’s great that this person cobbled these all together. I had to go look at one of my favorites from my biking route in Chapel Hill, The Gimghoul Castle. I hadn’t realized that the UNC Library had so much info on the castle and the Gimghoul Society, which I’ll have to look up next time I’m in the city. I’ve been really into secret societies lately and want to spend more time reading about them. I assume most of them are founded on a core group killing someone and keeping it secret, but it’s probably that people just love to be part of something exclusive with special handshakes and rings. Anyone out there a member of a secret society? That was a trick.


    Comment from Victoria A.K.A. blondie and David!
    Time: June 5, 2008, 9:50 am

    Not to sound mean/cockey, but our pics are so much better, we have alot too. My dad even went inside the castle when he was a little boy. Hit me up on myspace!