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  • Archive for November, 2005

    Bears, Balm

    While up late working and checking on facts, I see that Stan Berenstain has passed away. I feel a little bad because just the other day I was looking up info on the Berenstain couple in a fit of “just who were these people who slapped their own name on these bears anyway? Are the [...]

    Goodbye Delicious Turkey.

    Sigh. It’s all gone, every last crunchy little part. That’s the way it goes with deep-fried turkey- every bit is scoured for the fried goodness and you’re out of leftovers much earlier than normal. Thanks to all of you well-meaning nags who kept barraging me with media scare stories of how people were burning down [...]

    Turkey, Hawk…

    I just enjoyed this Newsarama talk with Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin. They talk about their upcoming Hawkgirl, and also about their early days starting out which I always find interesting. Going back and looking at your beginnings in a field of work often makes sense as a whole, but is hard to do at [...]

    Castles and Secret Societies

    Looking through Real Tegan’s links I saw the American Castles page. Some ugly html, but it’s great that this person cobbled these all together. I had to go look at one of my favorites from my biking route in Chapel Hill, The Gimghoul Castle. I hadn’t realized that the UNC Library had so much info [...]

    Reviews for Youse

    Couple of good reviews this week, first Broken Frontier comments on The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, and Silver Bullet Comics correctly assesses my thinking on Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. If you’re finding any more commentary on my stuff that I don’t know about, and think it will make me happier than not, pass it [...]


    That’s right, with the fat story written by ME. You’ll so get in the Christmas spirit, reading about the Avengers. There’s some preview material at THE PULSE right now, that you’ll have to scroll down or search recent stories to find. Sorry, I’m too sleepy at the moment to remember how to find the direct [...]

    Go, Cusack

    About freakin’ time John Cusack posted again on the Huffington gangblog. He’s good, and makes good points clearly. Most of the bloggers on that site are annoying self-promoters, so it’s nice to read the actor I generally consider to be the voice of my generation. Who doesn’t need to promote himself…’cause he’s John Cusack!


    Yeah, I hear you in the peanut gallery, yappin’ that I don’t draw comics anymore. Well you’re dead wrong! Go to your comics shop today and pick up the latest issue of Dark Horse’s Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist #8. I collaborated with myself on a long story within, which I [...]

    The Source!

    Thanks Comics Reporter for pointing the way to this SLATE piece on Bill Watterson. It serves an important function: it shows exactly where every redneck silkscreen shop got the famous Calvin Pissing shot. As I’ve said before on this very blog, I don’t believe most people with the decal know that the boy is Calvin, [...]

    Reading Shotgun

    TokyoPop has a preview of RIDING SHOTGUN from Nate Bowden and Tracy Yardley at their website, but I keep having trouble with their “manga player”. In Safari and Firefox I’ve had it close the window on me while clicking Forward. Wait, just as I said that, it started working for me. Nevermind, I see what [...]

    Germany or Florida

    Bad Times. Instead of “good times,” that is, the phrase popularized by Adam Carolla. Sure, you think you did it, but Adam was saying it for years before it caught on. I listened to some of the last Loveline show he and Drew will do last night, hopefully today I can find an mp3 and [...]

    Farewell Carolla

    Sigh. Casey Jones just sent me this mp3… http://www.bisource.com/gainrider/This-Is-My-Last-Week.mp3 Where Adam Carolla announces what we were expecting, that his tenure (literally, 10 years!) on the syndicated radio show LOVELINE with Dr.Drew Pinsky is ending this week. He’s going to fill Stern’s slot, which will probably really confuse fans of shockjock style, bug-people-on-the-phone- prank call- radio, [...]

    Paul’s Maquette Stymies Bob’s Son

    Now the story is out about Paul Guinan’s robot BOILERPLATE being used in Chris Elliot’s new book. While I hope it sells plenty of books for Paul and Chris both, it would also be cool if Paul starts getting orders for building original Boilerplate figures as he advertises on his website.