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  • Archive for September, 2005

    Stumptown Tomorrow

    If you’re in the Northwest and not spending the weekend chained to an old growth tree to stop the lumberjacks, you gotta make it out to the Stumptown Comics Fest being held at Portland State University this Saturday. The guest list is too long for me to go into, just click that banner. Dedicated to [...]

    Your Paper and Online Comics for Wednesday

    Here’s my pushings for the day. First: you may find yourself in a comics store. Look around and see if any Mark Schultz cover art pops out at you, like say, on the all new BONE SHARPS, COWBOYS & THUNDER LIZARDS gn from GT-Labs. See it? Okay, buy that. Good. Now. The supertalented Sandy Jarrell [...]

    MAFF 4 On The Stands

    “Within a rollicking issue of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, you can find a sweetness and poignancy that most comic books eschew for big, empty crossovers… Jeff Parker nails the personalities of all the characters through humorous dialogue, friendly interaction and potentially deadly situations that they confront like professionals.” We got another great review from Silver [...]

    No More Ego? Nay. Facto.

    Well it looks like that’s it for Mike Hoffman and his blog. Apparently he’s done like others who want no more of Society, and gone to Australia. Or somewhere. Shoot, that blog was one of my favorite places to stop by. I’ll leave the link up (EgoNayFacto) anyway, because it still has some rants that [...]

    Pat Triumphant:. DragonCon 2005.

    Oh. My. God. My man Pat Sun has really outdone himself this time, pushing his camera to its limits in documenting that Fantasy/Fetish Opus that is the Atlanta Dragoncon. Here, have but a mere taste. DC RULZ! No, wait, MARVEL RULZ!!! Laura Gjovaag, this one’s for you. And there’s so much more. Superman with Clint [...]

    That Auction

    By the way, the winners of the Escapist page auction were Roc and Laurie Blumenthal, who wisely chose to donate their winning bid to Habitat for Humanity, a group who will no doubt have a prominent role in helping get Lousianians back into homes. Thanks Roc and Laurie! I’d hoped to get the Spider-Man piece [...]

    And of Course…

    While making breakfast this morning I thought, “you’re right, Haloscan Commenters, Beverage Week can’t end with just four postings and on such a down note.” So how could I not make a tribute to the coffee I’m enjoying right now? There it is, Stumptown Coffee beans ground, french-pressed, and served in my Periodic Table of [...]


    Sorry to end Beverage Week on a down note, but it’s important to point out drink trends that suck as well, like these verdammt “energy” drinks. The biggest offender to me is ROCKSTAR, mainly because when I’m on the freeway I have to see this cheesy bimbo poster with a girl who looks like a [...]

    Mexican Coke

    Not a new Fountains of Wayne song, but MEXICAN COKE is something I hold high hopes for. I mentioned already how much I avoid things sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, which is hard in this country since nearly everything is. If you’d like to feel like you’ve stumbled upon a full-on, Archer-Daniels Midland conspiracy, [...]

    Watermelon Juice

    Now we’ve had blender technology in this country for almost a century, and we had watermelons since before that. So how come I had to go to Mexico before I tasted this perfect drink? It’s so refreshing it feels like you’re pouring LIFE in your mouth. And in a sense you are, because watermelon has [...]

    The Arnold Palmer

    First, if you go over to The Pulse, you can read a short bit about the upcoming Marvel Monster story I worked on. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now… It wasn’t until 1999 that I’d learned of the concept of combining lemonade and iced tea to make the refreshing beverage more popularly known as an Arnold [...]

    Almost Over…

    We’re almost at the end of this Red Cross auction, thanks to everyone who passed the link around, and thanks of course the bidders. I’ll probably do other auctions with sites better set up for bidding, and now we can get back to talking about unimportant things on this blog. To show my commitment to [...]

    Hurricane Auction

    As I mentioned down the blog my story in Dark Horse’s THE ESCAPIST is coming out soon, and it seems fitting to use pages from that for any Katrina Relief auctioning. What I’ll do is put up the pages here and you can bid in the Comments section or by email to me, and after [...]

    Avengers Vs. Claus

    I’m just about done writing this, and the excellent Reilly Brown is drawing like mad on it now. If you like inspirational Holiday comics where the villain is Santa, may I direct your preordering attention to… MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2005 Written by JEFF PARKER, MIKE CAREY & SHAENON GARRITY Penciled by REILLY BROWN, MIKE PERKINS [...]