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  • Archive for August, 2005

    Me and Chabon Present…

    I haven’t shilled this yet! Still time to order, and I have a big story in The Escapist volume 8. I’ll put some preview stuff up soon too. From off the streets of Cleveland comes fan-favorite writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways) and critically acclaimed artists Philip Bond (Vinarama, Vertigo [...]

    NOT an AutoBio Cartoonist

    Since I ran Lieber’s touching and crafty bio piece from Portland Monthly, it’s only right that I should run my unclever puff piece as well. How Do You Get To Portland got approved quickly because it was exactly the kind of “aren’t we great, la-la-la,” inoffensive strip that regionally-named magazines love to use. The first [...]

    Show Your Folks This One

    After my father died, I couldn’t stop thinking about a comicstrip my friend Steve Lieber did just months earlier. It’s the same subject, as his dad had just died. And it hits the same sore point that I now have, that my dad never got to come out and visit my life for a bit. [...]

    Northwest Again

    I’m back from North Carolina and my duties there, so blogging can resume again. It was a grueling month mentally and physically. The humidity was worse than I remember in recent history. I’ll probably be posting about my Dad pretty soon, using the therapeutic purge that a weblog offers. At the moment I’m still bewildered [...]

    No Chicago Either

    Or is it neither? This one stings because I really wanted to go to that show this year. After this, I should be back on the circuit, talking endlessly about myself just like you expect. If you just now heard about INTERMAN and wanted a copy, my studio mate Steve Lieber will be there with [...]