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  • Archive for July, 2005

    Thanks For The Mail

    Some of you heard about my father passing away and have written me a lot of very appreciated well-wishes. I’ll be writing more about that later, probably when I have better access to the internet. I’m in North Carolina for a while now, dealing with the unexpected turn of events, and record-breaking humidity. The first [...]

    No San Diego

    I won’t be going to Comic-Con after all, due to family crises. If you wanted to get an Interman from me, just find Steve Lieber and he’ll do the same sketch I would have. Sorry folks.

    Signing and Clobbering Times

    I’ll be shillin’ for Marvel… Friday 2-3 Saturday 3-4 And I’ll let you know about the other tables later. Still mostly Artist Alley at this point, over on the outer quadrant of the known convention center.

    It’s Coming, like those Death Machines in War of the Worlds

    Sweet Christmas, I’ll be going to San Diego Comic-Con again in two days. Known now as Nerd Prom, except I never seem to graduate. This will make the 15TH YEAR IN A ROW THAT I’VE BEEN THERE. How did this happen? I’ve seen kids grow up at that show, companies come and go out of [...]


    Hey, I’ll stop griping about fireworks fiends long enough to mention that our VAMPIRE BY NIGHT feature debuts in Amazing Fantasy this week. That’s art by the talented Federica Manfredi, who will be appearing at Comicon San Diego next week. I’m not sure where yet, but I’ll probably know when I’m there, just ask me. [...]

    Please Shove Those Fireworks Up Your Ass

    Fireworks tents have been set up all around the city for weeks, thoroughly arming every yokel with enough low-rent special effects to guarantee no one will sleep the next few nights. I realize that I grew up in a state where only sparklers were legal (it’s since succumbed as well), and everyone had to bring [...]