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  • Archive for May, 2005


    Yesterday Oni Press held a big ol’ cookout up at Mt. Tabor Park here in Portland, and it was a great time. I can’t think of any observations except that a lot of us now have kids, and they like the playground. That sneakthief Layman took the train down from Seattle too. And Greg Rucka [...]

    Well Looky Here.

    Well it’s out now, go to VARIETY.com and read all about me and my new pals at New Line Cinema. If you sit through a quick ad, you don’t have to sign up for the paper!

    Some Closure- At Sea!

    Remember when I was wondering whatever happened with HavenCo, the company that wanted to host web content on the Principality of Sealand? They just talked about on On The Media recently, you can scroll down to “Stranger Than Paradise” and listen. HavenCo went out of business, not being fired upon by a gunship like I [...]

    Mmm… Haggis

    My friend Terri has posted a new story at Sirenita, the more or less monthly blog she and her husband Stewart maintain. Though I demand regular posting of the other links in my to-do list, Sirenita has good enough true stories that I’ll happily wait for them. Such as this anecdote called “Haggis”.

    ? ? ? Riddle Me This ? ? ?

    When is The Batman not as entertaining? A: When the greatest Riddler is dead. Even though Frank Gorshin stood for my least favorite episode of Star Trek in my youth, he also stood for some of the best episodes of Batman. He made the other villains look like they were sleepwalking compared to his performances. [...]

    Interview Season Has Begun

    There’s a new interview with me over at COMIXFAN conducted by Remy Minnick, and focusing on all my upcoming Marvel work. Go give it a read. Post if’n you like. You did know I was going to be writing Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, right? Oh, well I meant to mention it.


    I was checking out sites that link to me and found this very cool blog by palaeontologist Dr. Michael Ryan. Thanks Michael! Go check it out and read about the new book of Mark Schultz art coming out soon.

    Casey Jones? Art.

    Old studiomate Casey Jones has built a new website with his own hands so go over there and start clicking buttons. You don’t have to click five things to finally see some art, the place is just loaded with images. Those comics site hackers who like defacing sites struck within minutes of him going live, [...]

    Stalling with Video…

    While I gather my thoughts on logo design, go enjoy that new GORILLAZ video. You click picture now.

    Thanks Excalibur!

    Everyone had a high old time at Excalibur Comics Saturday, where Free Comic Book Day looked to be a success. No mean feat in a town with as many good comics shops as Portland, and plenty of cartoonists to appear at them all. But Excalibur gave us pizza and generous store certificates! It was also [...]


    At all shops participating in Free Comic Book Day today. It’s a great promotion for the medium, the kind only Joe Field could have come up with. Yes, there will be a few bozos at every shop who walk in thinking that means any comic they want is free. They’ll even fancy themself brilliant because [...]

    Oscar Chavez, Machismo Monitor

    Thanks to Dean Haspiel’s blog, I just saw these terrific strips by Jim Dougan and Roger Langridge. Go enjoy that for a minute. Shoot, I didn’t know Roger was up for working with others. I wonder if he’d team up with me on something? I need to buy more of his art before everyone realizes [...]

    Great Logos of Science

    An unveiling! Jim Ottaviani of G.T. Labs (publisher of the upcoming Bonesharps, Cowboys and Thunder-Lizards) charged me with the task of creating a new logo for his company. I agonize over these things, but I love to do them. Without further ado…


    Hey, did anyone see the Bigfoot footage supposedly captured by the Manitoba Ferryman? That was supposed to air on A Current Affair? Did it look good?

    Linkin’ like Mandy Patinkin

    Finally I’ve got a chance to update my bloglist there on the side, try out some new ones for a change. We have to bid a sad farewell to Johnzo.com, the blog of John Aegard, but he hasn’t updated since October. Bye John. And since Kevin Melrose dropped Thought Balloons in the harbor chained to [...]