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  • Archive for April, 2005

    My Shorties Be Thuggin.

    Move Over, Detective Chimp…

    24 Hour Shanks

    I’ve yet to participate in 24 Hour Comics Day, and until it becomes a novelty that I might stay up all night to make a deadline, I probably won’t. But if I ever do, the highwater mark has been set by Kevin Cannon. Check out Kevin’s Armitage Shanks cartoon here. It even has a breathtaking [...]


    Finally, it’s out! The Image anthology Four Letter Worlds is in comics shops now, featuring my story “Bear”, and several other excellent 8-pagers. I guess. I’ll have to take everyone’s word for it since I have no comp copies yet. Anyway, if you see any reviews of my contribution, let me know. I can’t wait [...]

    Vampire By Night

    That’s the next thing I’d like you to reserve at your local comics emporium, AMAZING FANTASY #10– featuring the debut of Nina Price, Vampire By Night. As the name implies, she is related to (damn this joke, but it’s continuity and I have to say it) Jack Russell, the Werewolf By Night. Yes, I know [...]

    I Grew Up Hearing J. Jonah Yell My Name

    Bless those of you who check in on my currently weekly blog. I’ve just burrowed my way up from under a big pile of work and should be contributing regularly now. Some carefully researched insight, or fascinating anecdote that dredges up history you didn’t know about. Instead, let’s start off again with a nice plug! [...]

    Croppin’ n’ Lockin’

    I was just thinking about how it’s time to put up something new in the Workshop section of Parkerspace.com, where you can only learn about revising a cover. But just today, a friend from the Tothfans Forum, Gene Poonyo, wrote asking a question about that cover demo. Gene wanted to know the reasoning behind my [...]

    This Is You, Comics Readership

    I think that long gone are the days when superheroes were seen as fun, escapist material that could transport you to other worlds and help you forget your hum-drum every day life. Now, more often than not, the superhero comics of today are just a reflection of the angst and turmoil of every day life. [...]


    I think the Vampi:Vicious that I did an alternate cover for is out, but I haven’t been by the comics shop yet. There’s only 1000 of mine, so grab one if you see it. Or, conversely, don’t.

    Chapel Hill Comics

    No April Foolery from me, just wanted to pass on an article about the comics shop in my old home. Since Andy Neal took over the Second Foundation bookstore in Chapel Hill, NC he’s turned it into a thriving lifeline of the comics industry as Chapel Hill Comics. And he’s moved it up onto Franklin [...]