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  • Archive for March, 2005

    Robots, Clones, and Biplanes

    Hey blogpals, how about spreading this around. Right now in the Previews solicits for June, IDW is offering Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate, the triumphant comics return of my studiomate Paul Guinan and writer/editor Anina Bennett.Here’s a big fat preview of the 104 page graphic novel, so you can decide to PREORDER NOW! Hit ‘em up for [...]

    Home WiFi, Dragons, and Ben Folds

    I’m a little drunk with power, wandering around the house and being on the internet no matter what part I’m in. That’s right, I got Airport Extreme– hey lookit, out in the driveway and I’m still on the internet! Also neat: the cable company is trying to get me hooked by giving us a few [...]

    How I’ll Arrive At Comicon

    I’ve got to check in on Futurismic more often. I’m not big on cutting down trees, but if you gotta do it, it should be done by this thing!

    No Long Beach For Me. But…Boom! Brain!

    I’ve almost paddled my way up to the surface, I can see your murky formless shapes on the other side. That’s me with all the bubbles erupting from my mouth, throw a line damn it! Had I been regularly posting the last couple of weeks, I would have mentioned that my pal Ross Ritchie has [...]

    Hahn Dynasty: Amazing

    Hey my studio buddy David Hahn has just launched a new website, www.hahndynasty.com. You’ll be wanting to bookmark that and watch it grow. Dave also appears to be talking to THE PULSE today, so you can read that and get in on some sweet message board action too. I’m almost out from under my heaviest [...]