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  • Archive for February, 2005

    Dead. Lines.

    You might as well check back here next week, I’m still buried under work. I can’t think of anything to say about Wondercon that Matt Maxwell didn’t cover on Highway 62 (over to the left) anyway. The new Comic Relief store is terrific and huge, as big as Meltdown in LA. And here’s a Hellboy [...]

    Read This Until I Catch Up

    Okay, I’ll never catch up, and I’m on several deadlines. But I’ll try to post about Wondercon later after I send off a script. In the meantime, Lieber has linked to an Oregonian article about Mercury Studio that ran this weekend. It’s a good piece, way better than cartoonists usually get in local papers. For [...]


    For once I got to the airport at a nice comfortable lead– I wasn’t early, but I walked up to the gate just as boarding began. Walked out onto the tarmac in the crisp night air, admired the runway lights and stars, and stepped up onto my plane. Just as I was starting to get [...]

    That Mitchell Kid

    I’m looking forward to Wondercon this weekend because those Bay Area folk always ask for interesting art. I was reminded of this the other day when Bill May sent me a scan of a piece I did in his book in 2000. The theme was a nice one, asking people to draw their favorite characters [...]

    The Double Edged Sword of NPR (which I still enjoy, nonetheless)

    One of my favorite collaborators is now featured on NPR speaking with Neda Ulaby, Science-Comics publisher and writer Jim Ottaviani. Here’s a panel from GT-Labs most recent bio-epic on Niels Bohr… –which Jim wrote and Leland Purvis drew, but the NPR website credits the panel art to Jay Hosler. While also a fine cartoonist, Jay [...]

    WONDERCON, San Francisco

    I can’t believe that Wondercon 2005 is already here, this coming weekend. Remember Bay Area people and Southern Californians fleeing to the north, it’s no longer in Oakland, it’s in the city of wacky hill driving and Dirty Harry. This is a big one for art commissions, so you might want to email ahead of [...]

    Tinkering Again…

    Careful, watch your step, I’m moving things around here at the Oracle and tidying up. Mainly I’m finally updating that sidebar of blogs. It’s really there for me to have easy bookmarks to ones I read, but I lazily left out many that I like when I set it up. Forcing me to have to [...]

    Jeff Parker Presents…

    But, the Marvel-style approach, this started with Smilin’ Stan Lee, Stan ‘The man’ Lee, and I’ve gotta say, and this is only my opinion having seen Jack Kirby’s pencils, I think that the process went something like this: Stan Lee comes up with an idea: “Right, next issue of The Fantastic Four , like, what [...]

    You Just Wait, True Believer

    I started earlier to write a few thoughts I had after watching the Stan Lee segment on 60 Minutes II, and it grew and grew and grew, and now I feel I need to sit on it for a day before finishing it. And now I have to finish packing and get ready before David [...]

    Night Gallery

    Hey, I wound up in a gallery show. A print of one of my comics pages will be on the wall at the Pushdot Gallery on 830 NW 14th Ave. here in Portland, running from February 3rd through the 22nd. This is for the Comics in the Digital Age exhibit, featuring work that is partially [...]

    Benefit Auction for Bill Loebs

    You comics readers may know about the plight of writer Bill Loebs, and maybe you’ve enjoyed some of his stories in the past. I drew a couple of his stories over ten years ago when he was writing Wonder Woman, and Steve Lieber worked with him for a big stretch on Hawkman. Steve’s put up [...]