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  • Archive for January, 2005


    The ordinary will ignore Whatever they cannot explain As if nothing ever happened And everything remained the same again Those of you who dwell in the Pacific Northwest should know that the EMERALD CITY COMICON takes place at Seahawks Stadium this Saturday and Sunday. And that I will be there. And if you’re there, then [...]

    No You Don’t Have Food Poisoning

    Let’s just continue Ailment Week here at the Oracle and end on a rant, which stems from my rant today in the studio. Artist Drew Johnson (Wonder Woman) was questioning his friend’s claim that he got food poisoning from a restaurant they ate at the night before, and that got me started. In the past [...]

    Sleepy Origins

    Tonight on my favorite non-NPR radio show, Loveline, Adam Carolla made a good point about sleep. In essence, the world is made for people who sleep on their backs, and everyone else has a tough road to hoe. He falls into the side-sleeping category, typically light sleepers who are always having their night ruined by [...]

    Farewell, Carnak

    The king of late night is gone, and I imagine the outpouring of fans and loved ones is going to be unparalleled. It figures that I would mention Johnny Carson here in the blog just a couple of days earlier. At the studio the other day we were just talking about watching the Tonight Show [...]

    Order Detective Comics #805 Because…

    … where else are you going to see Batman out on a date? With several beautiful women, in fact. This bizarre story is courtesy writer Jon Lewis and me, and is soliciting in Previews now. Check that box.

    Yay, I Don’t Have To Think Of Something To Write

    I think I wrote in last year’s Heroes Con report about working on a Poison Ivy commission for Tim Chandler and how I essentially was redrawing an image I did for an auction years earlier. Then Neil Vokes suggested I draw her popping out of a bloom like a stamen and the piece finally clicked. [...]

    Money House Blessing

    I was just remembering an air freshener I used to buy years ago called Money House Blessing. I liked the name, I liked the smell, and I especially liked that it had the disclaimer DOES NOT HAVE SUPERNATURAL POWERS. I would buy the cans at that oddball chainstore that carries all sorts of cheap arcana, [...]

    Day of the Dude

    A few weeks ago we had an eventful day at Mercury Studio. Steve Lieber reminds us that a young cartoonist is coming by for advice and pointers, a college kid directed to us by Matt Wagner. Upon meeting Aaron, we’re happy to see that his sample pages are mostly concerned with telling a clear story, [...]

    Stop Hitting Refresh

    Okay, I’ll put up a new and interesting post later today or tomorrow morning, I’ve just been a wee bit busy now that we don’t outnumber the kids anymore. Next time I get behind I’ll appoint a Guest Blogger just like this were the old Tonight Show when Johnny Carson would leave for months at [...]

    That’s My Boy

    Stephen Reid Parker Hobbies: nursing, sleeping. Interests: lights, sounds. Named after our dads, li’l Reid made his triumphant arrival Wednesday at 5:09 pm, weighing 8lbs. 9oz. Allie patted him on the head, so I guess he can stay.


    Thinking of Will Eisner reminded me that art lover Jim Reid once had the good taste to commission me to do a P’Gell in his sketchbook. I was so happy someone asked me to do a character from The Spirit. It’s no Will, but here it is.

    The Greatest

    I see that Will Eisner died yesterday. It’s impossible to overstate his importance to comics, and I wouldn’t know where to start talking about that. Instead I’ll just say that he impacted me. It’s the 70′s and I’m spending most of my day around the comics spinner rack and magazine shelves at my dad’s grocery [...]