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  • Archive for December, 2004

    Why We Blog

    Looking through my referrers, I see that writer Mike Jozic has started blogging in the past few days. I’ve liked him ever since he did an interview with me over at Silver Bullet Comics and left what I said intact- the mark of a good interviewer. I’ll probably add him to the column at left [...]

    Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh? (Art Auction)

    Thanks to Emil Petrinic I see that my auspicious art reps at MothComix have put up a page from my Vampi “Hate Mail” story on the e-Bay. It’s an oversized page, big ol’ piece of art. And if you click on View Seller’s Other Auctions, you can see the rest of the talented clients they [...]

    Merry Christmas, You

    This year’s Christmas is brought to you by the Mystifying Toddler. Allison sports a seasonal dress made especially for her by Laura Jones, better known as Audrey’s Mom. Have a great holiday weekend.

    The Town That Hung Santa Claus

    Actually the title of the national news article was “Burlington: The Town That Hung Santa Claus,” and it referred to Burlington, North Carolina, where I grew up. Even better, the incident in question took place on the very street I lived on.Yes, like me you would probably have preferred “Hanged,” but the AP was not [...]

    Ho Ho AAAAHH!!!

    Things we know about Santa: He works one day a year (though very hard then), he will eat any baked treats that you might accidentally leave out on your own table in your own home, he commands a crafty army of small people, and TODDLERS ARE TERRIFIED OF HIM! This was proven yet again by [...]

    Hey Patient Retailers!

    It’s a mad race against time, trying to get projects and deadlines finished before young sportsman Li’l Nathan Jr. shows up to teach us why two kids is more than one. So blogging is spotty at best. At least I finally sent out some personalized copies of Interman that comics shop owners have been tapping [...]

    The Year Nothing Was Proclaimed

    If that’s the lesson 2004 has taught us, then it’s a hard one, but maybe its best that the industry stops worrying so much about being big, and concentrates instead on being small but brilliant. That’s from a thoughtful piece in the second half of Andrew Wheeler’s column at Ninth Art. Thanks to Thought Balloons [...]

    Big Trainz, Yo: Tri Met Raps

    When I get on the lightrail to head downtown to Mercury Studio tomorrow, this will be going through my head. Mighty Mouse and the crew, you know we be riding Chillaxin’ on the MAX, you know we be gliding Just remember all the rules are important This is for all my players that roll through [...]

    From Da Street

    Yeah, like a lot of blogs lately Mystifying is losing ground to that Jim Lee gangblog. Sue me– I’ve been trying to catch up on a couple of stories, the deadlines of which are like, nowsville. And I don’t currently have any news or crank theories. I thought I might write about a cd, but [...]

    Spidey, Too

    For those who have asked, it’s the Widescreen Special Edition DVD of Spider-Man 2 that has the piece I did, along with a lot of comics’ notables. So when you’re requesting a copy for Christmas or Hannukah, ask for that one. And then bring it to a show and get me to sign it so’s [...]