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  • Archive for November, 2004

    A Paul Henning World

    I swear I’ll lay off the politics for a while, I’m as tired of it as you are. But it occured to me last night that you probably would catch major hell now if you tried to make a movie like DREAMSCAPE at this time, wherein the plot was to off the President in his [...]

    Fat Lip, Vampi Collection

    So I wake up this morning looking like a punchy palooka that someone slipped a convincer to. Thanks to loyal cat Burma, who despite being able to see in the dark stepped on my face last night while heading to the nightstand to drink my water, and scratched my lip and nose but good. Any [...]

    Finally: A Recipe. This Site is Officially Lame.

    No one seems to be blogging much this week and neither am I– I guess preparing for Thanksgiving has claimed us all. I need to get by the store later myself so I can make the easiest dish… Sweet Potato Casserole 8 or 10 Yams-yep, the first thing to do is use yams instead of [...]


    “What are you here for?” “I’m going to a comic book show.” The Immigration officer stares at me as if at a stone covered in hieroglyphics, most of the characters still filled with sand. “What is that, like a show with comedians on a stage…” “No, they buy and sell comic books. I draw them. [...]

    Heyyy bidderbidder….

    Got another ebay auction goin’ down. Another ol’ school Batgirl with the red hair. No, I will not say “Babs”. Start that Christmas shopping early. I’ll try to get up my thinkin’s on the Vancouver show tomorrow. Canada, yo.

    Phase Two: “The Architect”

    He’s unerring in knowing what the public will pay attention to, he’s ruined people’s lives, and Bush won’t make a move without him, he’s Karl Rove! Never mind trying to tar the war president, focus on this guy. Nothing in particular, just talk about him a lot, make sure people know who he is, even [...]

    A Plan Comes Together

    So we’ve got to take back the country from people what don’t like books n’ learnin’. There’s a chance a huge Watergatesque scandal will erupt from evidence that Diebold changed votes to Bush/Cheney, hence the exit poll results that varied so wildly from results. But I won’t hold my breath. My first step: take out [...]

    Suspended in TIME

    “Together, Purvis and Ottaviani’s portrait of Bohr reveals a deeply principled, humble man who could be as playful (using spinning tops and ping pong balls for inspiration) as he could be serious minded.” I can’t believe I missed this, musta been something going on in the country recently: Time.com reviews Jim Ottaviani and Leland Purvis’sSuspended [...]


    …And really look at the people you voted for. Think they’re more moral because they thump bibles? You don’t have a problem with being lied to about a reason to go to war with a country that didn’t attack us? It’s okay for our soldiers and guardsmen to go die for no reason, you’re cool [...]


    This is it, Americans! The day that people have died for, so we can at least risk a little heat at the office by going out and exercising our right as a democracy.to vote for KerryIt looks like record numbers will be turning out which is terrific, we’re finally not taking our power for granted. [...]

    U.S. Territory Now 97% Indian Burial Ground

    That was a pretty cool Halloween. We took Allie to a party with some other toddlers, and then walked around the neighborhood with them so they could experience Trick or Treat for the first time. Allie didn’t seem to get the point of the candy since we don’t let her eat it yet, but she [...]