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  • Archive for October, 2004

    10.31 Transmission From NASAGhost…

    ….-opy that, Houston, are we go with the Oracle signal…? Roger that. (static) –Howdy Earth! This is Ghost 1 checking in from Elysian Base in the Afterlife, wishin’ everybody out there a very Happy Halloween (static)– we’ve even carved a jack-o’lantern ourselves out of some strange plant here that reminded us of our pumpkins back [...]

    Ben Folds Shatner.

    I can’t stop listening to Has Been. And since Shout!factory has the whole album online, you don’t have to either. Being of the same state and generation as Ben Folds I always follow his career closely, and now I think we can just go ahead and proclaim him as genius. You’ll start to listen to [...]

    That’s an Order

    The term “pre-order” doesn’t really make any sense, but regardless, go to your local comics shop and say you’d like to pre-order Four Letter Worlds from Image. It’s an anthology due out in January, and I have a story in it. Here’s an article at The Pulse about it, that tells who else has work [...]

    Hot Dish: Fallcon Part 2

    SUNDAY I didn’t know from Sam Hiti before this show, but Rose introduced us and now I do. Go check out his amazing work and buy one of his books, such as Tiempos Finales or The Gallows Noose. Don’t expect him to be all magic realism like his stories though, you know more Spanish than [...]

    Ohhh Yeah. Minnesota Fall Con.

    I’ve been to comics shows. All kinds. I’ve been up and down both coasts, seen what they have to offer. Been to Chicago (ie; Rosemont) a million times, and I thought I was at a Midwest show. Nuh uh. The other weekend I went to FALLCON in Minnesota, and NOW I’ve seen the comics industry, [...]

    In Ape Years

    This was taken recently at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Yes, that means I’m almost ready to report on the jewel of the Midwest, FALLCON. Hopefully by noon, West Coast time if all goes well. It’s my birthday, so I might be even slacker than usual. Check back!

    Patron of the Art

    Here’s one I did recently for the honorable Steven Gettis, you’ve heard me boast about his legendary online collection of literary figures drawn by the giants of the comics industry. Currently he hosts most of the images I post here to help me shoulder the burden of bandwidth usage, so when he asked me to [...]

    Can You See Me? I Can’t!

    More internet weirdness today as I can’t look at my own blog because it keeps crashing my IE Browser. I need to try to find a Mozilla that works with 9.2 Mac OS. And on top of that, I just got a phone call from P.Diddy telling me to vote or Die! I kept trying [...]

    Stephenson Rules

    Courtesy Boing Boing, I just read this interview with writer Neal Stephenson over at Slashdot. Ever since my cubemate Ben Ferrer at Sony Animation lent me Snowcrash, I’ve been in awe of Stephenson, who proved you could write science fiction without being a humorless geek. Go read this interview, his comic prowess comes through loud [...]

    Spoiler Warning

    A fresh new auction, featuring a Batgirl page(though the character is Spoiler, who I think is now Robin). Hope that shows up as a link, the last time it didn’t. May finally have pictures from Minnesota FallCon up tomorrow. Am currently washing clothes. Excited yet?

    Best Comics Title Ever?

    In an attempt to combine two genres, maybe inspired by Dark Shadows, the early ’70′s DC gave us The Sinister House of Secret Love. I was just thinking about it because I don’t have #3, which has a story that combined three giants, Frank Robbins writing, Alex Toth pencilling and Doug Wildey inking (for about [...]

    Escaping Debt and Taking Suggestions

    My latest ebay auction, the pinup from The Escapist #2. As I said, I’ll be running to the auction block pretty often, but I’m still green at it. Anyone have any suggestions for characters or subjects that sell well on eBay? So far I’ve just been doing ones that I didn’t need to reference, but [...]

    The Mystifying Campaign!

    I said early on that I’d leave politics largely out of this blog, focusing on nonsense so as to give readers a break from all the partisan battling. But dang it, we’re three weeks away from an election that I seriously think could either put the U.S. back on the track to fiscal and moral [...]

    NASAGhost Presents!

    Roger, Mission Control… Ghost 1 here, we’ve got a beautiful view of the Earth shinin’ through the obsidian mists of the netherrealms…(static)–oking at our instruments I see it’s October in the year 2004… copy that… can’t believe we’ve been out here for over 30 years(static)… guess since Halloween is comin’ up the folks over there’d [...]

    Land of the Vikings

    Minnesota FallCon is officially over, and it was a good time. I’ll write at length about it when I get back to Portland. Where there will be other options for meals than meat with a side of meat. Good bunch of hearty folk, these midwesterners, I’ll try to come back to this show. And yes, [...]