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  • Archive for July, 2004

    Still Working on it, or my name isn’t Commander McNutty

    That is, my name from the Squirrel Name Generator, thanks for showing me my true self, Gojira. Anyway, I have absolutely nothing to say about Comicon International 2004, and yet it’s taking me pages to say that nothing. Lieber and I have agreed that Monday morning is a reasonable deadline for combining all our nothings [...]

    Where My Blog Go?

    Just trying to see if I can make the Oracle exist again. Grumble…

    Horses You Hold

    Why people think convention report be automatically done after show, why? Not you think writing take time? Not you think picture selection long careful process? Zah. Some you only scan report for own name. Some only talk to us for to get in stupid report. Zah. Lieber and Parker busy writing now. Pictures already selected. [...]

    What HappenedwhereAm Iwho are You…

    Today I’m in Los Angeles, recuperating in a sensory deprivation chamber. I’ve listened to my audio blogs from Comicon in order– it’s interesting how I deteriorate with each day of the show until I finally sound like a twelve-year old. Now that I’ve Shazamed myself back up to Captain Marvel size, I’m going to try [...]

    Missed It By THAT Much

    Off to a great start– running like a maniac all day trying to wrap up everything and pack my convention ensemble, and got to the airport only 30 minutes before my flight. All of PDX gave me a group “tsk”, and wouldn’t let me get on the plane. FAH! The helpful Alaska Airlines attendant found [...]

    Show Bloggin’

    Missing out on the Nerd Prom (thanks Fraction)? Well now you don’t have to. I’ll be audio blogging live from the convention floor everytime it strikes me to do so! My posts won’t have titles, but there’s be a little interface you can click to listen to what’s going on. It’ll sound something like that [...]

    Velvet Tiki Trippe Time

    Hey, my pals Pete and Rebecca Woods have launched a new website, VelvetTiki.com. Pretty jazzy, go looksee. It’s only a matter of time before daughter Celeste’s work shows up on there, I bet. And from the wilds of Georgia, artist Dean Trippe has begun a blog. I’m going to wait a bit and make sure [...]

    Fire Sale!

    Comicon International is a costly event to go to, so I gotta MAKE SALES people! Obviously I’ll be doing commission pieces, but I can only do so many during the show (and the list has already started). So you might want to pick up some of the other things offered at my table, EE-03 in [...]