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  • Archive for June, 2004

    In Ghostshops Today!

    Here’s a book on real Science Heroes, to use an Alan Moore term: Suspended in Language. The focus is physicist Niels Bohr, and our old pal Einstein makes a few appearances too. Clocking in at 320 pages, this book nearly put writer Jim Ottaviani and artist Lee Purvis into early graves. Not so hard on [...]

    G is for Ghost

    I think there’s a new trend in art commissions nowadays, that of making cartoonists do Letter Illustrations for children’s rooms. I’ve already done a couple, a W for Justin Sherrill’s kid, and a Z for art reps Scott and Rose Cates’s girl, who has her own webpage full of the things. Click on the tiny [...]

    Free Comic Book Ghost

    As my homepage says, I’m doing a signing for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at COSMIC MONKEY COMICS in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be flanked by or flanking Matthew Clark (Adventures of Superman) and Steve Lieber(Pay It Forward, The Life of David Gale). It’s an extremely cool shop, you might even say it’s gear, so come over [...]

    Apologies and Teaser

    GOD: Now Jeffrey, tell Steven you’re sorry… Awww… gee Lieber, that quote about Paying It Forward was too good to not make fun of– GOD: DO IT!!! Gulp! Sorry I let it look like you used that Kevin Spacey movie title (the one where Haley Joel Osment Pays It Face Down at the end, ’cause [...]


    I almost choked on a peanut and fell out of my chair simultaneously a minute ago. I needed my daily grounding, some quiet time to reflect in a place where nothing changes, so as usual I went to Mike Wieringo’s blog. And there was a NEW POST! Now I’m all fired up in a new [...]

    Lieber Quotes Crappy Kevin Spacey Movie; Teaches Kids

    “I like sharing my knowledge with kids — 20 years ago I was one of them. I was an absolute fanatic for (comic art) and searched desperately for information about it,” he said. “I would end up going to a (trade) school run by a cartoonist, and this is my way of paying it forward.” [...]

    Heroes Updates: Auction Paintings, Hell-Yellin’

    “I can do this kind of art in two hours, and you can’t draw Wolverine standing on a floor.” There’s Scott Hampton standing triumphant with his Batman from the Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find auction, courtesy the meticulous photo gallery of Pat Sun. You can look back through past galleries of Pat’s and get a [...]

    Heroes Con 2004: Charlotte

    Friday It’s never really a good idea to drive to a show the morning of, but a new addition to I-85 that avoids Greensboro was open, and that made the trip go by much faster than usual. Soon we’re checking into the host hotel Westin and marvelling at the feather bed in our room. Normally [...]


    But it’s got a lot of mistakes in it, I can tell even in my blurry-eyed state. I wanted to get it done for you crybabies before I go camping this weekend, so I sacrificed sleep. For you, I have done this. So I’m going to give it a once-over in the mornin’ afore I [...]

    Silent K

    The overtalented Eric Knisely has a new website called Silent K.net. Even better, he’s got a blog full of pictures from his trip to London. On a trip to the Maritime History Museum he saw this Shark Sub straight out of the pages of TinTin. I don’t think that was there when I went to [...]

    He Will Crush Us

    Just heard a piece on NPR about a German child who lacks Myostatin, a protein inhibitor that limits muscle growth. As a result, he can smash toys twice as easily as other childen his age. He’s four, and can hold two seven pound weights, arms fully extended. You can’t do that, you pansy. The kid [...]

    Extraordinary Blue

    Over the weekend I was bemoaning to Jill that I’d never make it into space, despite my assumption as a child that lots of us would be going up there by now. As if I don’t have real problems to gripe about, but what timing, huh? Yesterday the first privately funded spacecraft from Scaled Composites [...]

    Windmills, Presidents, and TV

    like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel like a snowball down a mountain or a carnival balloon like a carousel that’s turning running rings around the moon So I’m flying back to Oregon on American Airlines, and we’ve used our baby [...]

    It Really IS Poetry

    While destroying spam in my inbox, I had to pause and enjoy the inner text generated by a program that should become our nation’s next poet laureate. grizzly bear around reach an understanding with squid beyond bottle of beer, because football team toward midwife make a truce with traffic light defined by.Now and then, of [...]

    Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Kodos

    Yes, I know I’m the thousandth person to use the title, if you can think of a better one, why don’t you start a blog? Oh right, you already have one. I’ll be mentioning this again in the next few weeks, but at San Diego Comicon I’m putting in some time with other comics creators [...]