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  • Archive for May, 2004

    that is why they call you smallie glbtzhtjxu

    Day after day, they just keep rolling into my inbox. loser with a small qozrip i know it is down ci mkcnps you have a small one ahah uatvfxihs afypt I can’t take it anymore! It’s not because I’m getting spam pushing erectile disfunction pills, nor that I’m getting so much of it. It’s that [...]

    The Endless Quiz That Is The Internet

    This one seems a little different, a quiz that tells you which movie you’d be in. I don’t think I gave particularly dour answers, but I’d rather be in this one than most of the other choices. You can go try it, but watch out you don’t end up belonging in Moulin Rouge. Fight Club! [...]

    Things Calvin Pisses On, #34

    I just remembered a Calvin sighting from my drive to Seattle the other day, one of the few times I’ve felt a real urge to jerk my steering wheel action-movie style to ram a car off the road. We all know that since Bill Watterson wouldn’t license Calvin and Hobbes for merchandising, the only public [...]

    The Girls Are Back In Town

    Finally, Jill and Allison have returned from Europe. Most of the time they were with Jill’s mom in London, then at a friend’s place in Milan. Besides beating me to Italy, Allie can now make a rude Italian hand gesture. They flew in to SeaTac airport, so most of my day was spent driving up [...]

    Guardian Jones

    Hey, there’s another interview with Mystifying colleague Casey Jones over at Comic Book Resources today. He needs to tip us off on items like this. Casey’s talking about his new Marvel project, “Guardians”… It’s a story about a group of kids who run around playing super-heroes, and one day they have an actual ‘alien encounter!’ [...]

    Choose Life. No Wait – Choose Me!

    I just got my Eisner awards ballot in the mail today, so it’s a good time to bring this up. I’m listed in the category Talent Deserving Wider Recognition, and I grabbed a pen, ready to check myself. I hate to admit it, but I actually had that same boneheaded feeling as Chris Klein’s character [...]

    Great White North Report

    Last week I was a guest at the Calgary Comics Show, and it was the first time I’d been back to Canada since I was about ten. You know what they like to see from you nowadays? Passports. Or at least birth certificates. And if you thought it was like when you were a kid [...]

    Walking On Eternal Sunshine

    I finally saw my first movie at the classic Moreland Theatre yesterday, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’d wanted to see it when it first came out but couldn’t, lucky for me Portland is full of second-run theaters. I was in LA when it opened, and was happy to see Charlie Kaufman’s name on [...]

    Mercury Levels Rising

    You can’t keep those kids at Mercury Studios down. There’s a nice interview with the ones who show up at the studio most over at comics news site The Pulse. Go learn more about my Portland Pals– in fact I was just over at their office earlier, secretly working. And let’s welcome the newest incarnation [...]

    Check Me Out at the Library

    Parkerspace.com mentions that I’ll be at the Calgary Comics Show this Sunday, but I haven’t plugged the previous showing: Saturday at 3:30 I’ll be at Crowfoot Library in Calgary to talk about graphic novels. Mainly mine. If you live in the area and want to go to something free where you can ask questions all [...]

    Suspended In Language

    … and now I’ll mention a book that isn’t even out yet. I see that today over at The Pulse there’s a good interview with Jim Ottaviani about his latest effort, Suspended In Language. The book showcases the father of Quantam Mechanics, physicist Niels Bohr, at over 300 pages. The herculean labor of drawing all [...]


    It occurs to me that I don’t mention good comics much on this site, outside of mine. Let me remedy that and make a vow to talk about funnybooks more often. Like say… SHANGRI-LA, by Marc Bryant and Shepherd Hendrix, which came out in January. It follows a rockstar with a contract out on his [...]

    Pants On Fire

    Wow, I was actually about to post about how I changed my brake pads today, and then I messed up and went online to see if there was any comics news. So Micah Wright has fessed up that he wasn’t an Army Ranger, and more importantly, the Washington Post has said so. I can’t imagine [...]