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  • Archive for April, 2004

    Updates, Wardrobes

    I’ve finally started filling out that sidebar column– a couple more pictures, many more links. If I know you and haven’t linked your blog yet, don’t get all huffy. There’s not a lot of logic to that list, it’s mostly ones I check out and could get my hands on quickly. I’m not going to [...]

    The Difficult Monkee

    The other day in the mail I found a DVD from Jake Tison, who made a video documentary of the 2003 San Diego Comicon. He refers to it as a video sketchbook since it’s not in-depth, but it does give a nice overview of what to expect from the show for someone who’s never been. [...]

    Check Out That Sweet Mullet!

    So the other day I was Googling myself (not what it sounds like) and found a link from my alma mater, East Carolina. Imagine my surprise at finding this image from ’89 of me “working on a comic strip” at the East Carolinian paper in the Publications building. Besides how shocked I was at seeing [...]


    Multnomah Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge. Weather permitting, that’s where we’re going today. Ponder the planet for a minute, maybe pick up some trash on the grass if you see some today. Carpool or ride your bike. Something! I need oxygen, and these plants seem to be the only thing that produce it.

    Great Men of the Web

    Sometimes the internet gives back, or at least the good folk who haunt the internet. First, giant thanks to Josh Macy, who found out about my blog thanks to the latest con report and then chided me for having the text drifting over into the sidebar when browser windows are short. Sure, everyone chides me [...]

    LA: Now It Can Be Told

    I hereby declare this day to be Content Day, I’ve put so much content up. Parkerspace.com is refitted for your dining pleasure, and Lieber and I actually did a convention report on the LA show, which was a few years ago. Once you’re through reading The Last Galactus Story and The Little Porn Boy, go [...]

    Middle O’ The Road

    Just took this political quiz that’s goin’ round. The goal of the site is to say “See, with a little work you could be a libertarian!” Hah, fat chance. But the graph did put me in the center where I always proclaim I am, wandering just a bit to the lefties. Here’s their answer. According [...]

    “Deserve’s Got Nothing To Do With It”

    Hey, I’ve been nominated for an Eisner in the Talent Deserving Wider Recognition category! This is pretty cool. Here’s the whole list of nominees. Thanks to the Eisner Judges for the consideration. I guess all I can do now is sit back and try to be the Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch, so to speak. And [...]

    Whew. Hellboy = Good!

    I just went to a matinee of Hellboy, and really liked it. I’d like to shake Guillermo del Toro’s hand, I wasn’t sure anyone could pull off making the comic work as a movie, but he did it just fine. I liked the pacing– there was plenty of action without trying to make it into [...]

    If It Ain’t Broke, Break It

    One of the news sources I champion over there on the sidebar is making a wrong move. New management at NPR has decided to take Bob Edwards out of the helm at the Morning Edition show and replace him with a “fresher” voice. This is what new management does in every business of course, take [...]