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  • Archive for March, 2004

    Aberrant Behavior!

    Okay, this is pretty cool. Talk about proactive reading– Marlon de Rivera read The Interman recently and decided to kill a little time by building my hero Van into the role playing game, Aberrant. First is his annotations on how to read the character stats, and then the stats themselves. It all sounds pretty fair [...]

    Mailbag Time

    Since no one checks FAQs to see if their questions have been frequently asked, I’m going to occasionally post some letters I get along with my responses. A lot of creators starting out have the same kinds of queries, maybe this will help get the answers out. Unless you disagree with my answers, in which [...]

    Where Are They Then

    Somehow I bumbled across this link, an old list of comics people who used to post on Compuserve. It made me nostalgic for my old compuserve I.D., 11726939– even though I wasn’t on the list. I actually spent more time in the Inventor’s Forum because they had some fascinating posts. Now all these people have [...]

    …neither hold a candle to “Mitchell”

    As far as I can see from the trailers of the new Walking Tall starring The Rock, the filmmakers have made the usual upgrade in weaponry. See, in the original movie, Joe Don Baker returns to enforce Tennessee justice with a 2-by-4. In the amped up current version, The Rock uses a 4-by-4. I don’t [...]

    Quick, Look Busy…

    –because I’m back from the hellscape of Los Angeles. The place that made me maintain a bad mood for FOUR YEARS. Luckily there are some very good people there, and they helped get me through it. I saw most of them while in town, and also attended the Wizard World LA show down in Long [...]

    Back Into the Belly of the Beast

    First, my pals at Mercury Studio here in town have a blog now. It’s run by that ol’ Steve Lieber, so it’s only a matter of weeks or even days before it’s purely about Steve with the rest of the gang getting an odd mention here and there. Go look at that interview with David [...]

    Speedy Deliveries

    Last week we discovered The Children’s Museum of Portland, a place so neat that you’ll immediately curse your childhood for not having any place like this to go. Imagine if your nearest Science museum for kids did away with the pretense of trying to teach anything and just focused on making the exhibits sprawling and [...]

    The Portland Show

    This morning I was walking around the neighborhood with Allison in the backpack and stopped by Share-It Square (a play on Sherritt St, where this little project is). The four corners of the intersection have different swap stations, where you can leave things you don’t need and pick up something you might want. It’s part [...]

    Sleepy In Seattle: The Emerald City Comicon

    Sunday was my first visit to Seattle, and as usual it took a comic book show to make me go. While everyone else wisely went up a day early so as to to face the public fresh, I stayed up late getting ready and then made my family wake up and drive at 6am. Washington [...]

    The Secret to Successful Cartooning

    Is apparently, listening to the syndicated radio show Loveline. By strange coincidence, I mentioned that I work to it in my interview at Sequential Tart, and at the same time artist Casey Jones refers to it as a cornerstone of his schedule in his interview at Comic Book Resources. Search your dial at 10:00 Sunday [...]

    Talking Tart

    You’ve tolerated me talking about myself this long, so go over to Sequential Tart and read the best interview I’ve ever done, conducted by Barb Lien Cooper. Instead of the usual stumbling all over my thoughts, I get out a few things I believe about comics clearly and forcefully. This may never happen again, so [...]


    I don’t know what it means either, but that’s what the folks at the Yukon Tavern on Milwaukie currently have in giant letters on their marquee. All I can think of is how mortified this Paul fellow will be when he sees that very private/public message to him. He’ll probably start drinking at a bar [...]