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  • Archive for February, 2004

    Seattle! Sunday!

    Tomorrow I’ll be in Washington for the Emerald City Comicon, so if you’re in the area please come by. This will be my first trip to Seattle, since I wasn’t magically pulled to the city by the Grunge scene in the early 90′s like so many of my peers. Generation X, if anyone still bothers [...]


    “Hate Mail”, the short story I wrote and drew for Vampirella Comics Magazine#3 is in comics shops and some newsstands now. Go pick it up, I’m proud of it. I did more gray tonal work than I have in the past, which seemed appropriate for Vampi. As a kid I sat on the magazine shelf [...]

    Moss, Ghosts, and Comics

    This past weekend I was in the warm, Spanish moss-covered town of Savannah, Georgia, home to one of the premiere art schools in the country. The Savannah College of Art and Design held it’s yearly Artists’ Forum, and I was one of the visiting lecturers. Even though I’d rather talk about comics storytelling than almost [...]

    Lecturing in the Garden of Good and Evil

    I’m heading to Savannah, Georgia this weekend to be part of the yearly Artists’ Forum at SCAD, the College of Art and Design. I’ll be talking to students for a couple of days about my work and what awaits them in the professional world, and then I think I sit on a panel with the [...]

    …and that high-speed theme song was called “Yakity Sax”, by the way…

    Picking back up that thread of Chitty Chitty and the Toymaker, I actually saw Benny Hill in person once. Around ’90 or ’91 I was in Florida for Spring Break with my pals Chuck and Tim, bumbling around Daytona. Plenty of wacky antics everywhere and that cursed C + C Music Factory song blaring out [...]

    Parker Beats the Devil

    For the past week I’ve been on the couch up in my office trying to keep contagion from the rest of the house. I had a sneaky recurring sinus infection that finally made a nice home for this heavyweight flu that’s going around. While fading in and out of consciousness, I read the book so [...]

    No Crackitus Potts, I Expect You to DIE!

    Continuing that Gert Frobe musing from a few days ago… as a kid I loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang above most movies. It must have surprised Bond fans that Ian Fleming wrote a children’s movie, and even better they actually cast Q and Goldfinger in it. Desmond Llewelyn played a character called Coggins, and Gert [...]

    Code is Addicting

    See, now I’ve screwed up, talking about the blog itself, and now my Google ads above are for webhosting and adding comments. I’ve got to ramble on fun topics and get those ads for sleds back. BIG THANKS to Corey Thomas for chiming in with some html help (he is a web designer, after all). [...]

    Does Not Compute… Getting Dark Now…Love Kirk…

    If you tried to check in this weekend, you probably saw a bunch of style-sheet tags and NO CONTENT. That’s what I get for trying to tweak this blog, gussy it up a little and make it load faster for you lot. I break my back over a hot keyboard, and do you ever post [...]

    Now, This Is Just Pathetic

    “Dear_ _Citibank _Members_, This_ E-mail was se-nt by the_ Citi_Bank servers to veerify _your_ E_MAIL addres_. You mustt cpoemlte this pcseors by clicking on_the link _below_ and enntering in the smal _window_ your citi_bank Atm/Debit full_card_nummber and CARD PIN that _you use in Atm machine. This is done for-your precottion -A- becourse some_of_our memebrs no [...]

    Diamonds Are For-Zzzzzzzzzzz

    Some of the best movie music ever done was for the James Bond series, especially in the 60′s and early 70′s. I have a hard time listening to it though. For half my childhood, my Dad would put on one of the soundtrack albums at bedtime, so I’d invariably fall asleep to Man With the [...]