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  • Archive for January, 2004

    The Hellish Future Orwell Predicted

    An hour ago a police cruiser showed up at the house behind us, as it does every month or so, because the house is infested with college kids and someone has complained about the noise. I was already stewing because I’d just asked them the other night to turn down the music, and I’ll get [...]

    Worst Casting Ever, Number One.

    George Wendt as a heroin junkie in Fletch.

    Spirited Lettering

    I’ve been asked to say something, anything about comic books in this blog since I haven’t yet. Very well. I’ll begin with a brief anecdote about showing your work, if that will make you happy. I met Will Eisner back around ’88 or so at one of the legendary ACME shows in North Carolina. I [...]

    Farewell, NCDL

    Now I’m truly an Oregonian, because if you knock me out, reach in my pocket and steal my wallet, you’ll notice my State of Oregon driver’s license just before you discover I only had a dollar and several grocery receipts in there. (And then while you’re momentarily confused by this, I recover, jump up from [...]

    Captain, My Captain

    A few hours ago I heard on NPR that Bob Keeshan had died. Instantly I was in my childhood, sitting too close to the TV screen as Captain Kangaroo read me a story. Usually Mike Mulligan, sometimes it would be Curious George, which really made me perk up. He was the Walter Cronkite for my [...]


    For this project you will need: 1 pair of used skis (Goodwill) 1 old lawnchair (also Goodwill) 10 woodscrews The courage and heart of the men who served on The Endurance. Soon after we moved to Portland, people started lecturing us about what to expect from winter. Jill would eagerly ask “Is there much snow?”, [...]

    See? It’s easy.

    There’s the Hubble, sitting comfortably on the International Space Station, which isn’t as far along as I thought it was. But it sure looks more impressive with a giant telescope on top, does it not? And if I can do it in a few minutes with photoshop, then aeronautical engineers can make it happen. We’ve [...]


    Being on the YALSA Best Books list is already making a difference. In the past couple of days more INTERMAN orders have come in, and I’ve been contacted by bookstores and distributors I’ve never heard of. That company name is OCTOPUS, by the way. At some point I may attach a defining word to the [...]

    A Perfectly Good Telescope

    Kiss this view goodbye… So much for all the effort to get the Hubble telescope tip-top, we’re just going to throw the thing away. Not even putting it in a yard sale like you do when your kid gets bored with his scope that he was so joyous about on his birthday. Seriously though, the [...]

    Welcome to Mystifying Oracle

    Over the past few years the phemomenon of web-logging has grown to immense proportion. Much of it is pure time-killing junk, people telling us what they ate and how they have nothing to say today, but posted anyway. Then you get something useful like blogs from Iraq that gave the world insight into unreported happenings [...]

    INTERMAN Makes Best Books List

    I’m going to post a “welcome to this blog” ramble, but first I think I’ll lead with actual news. My graphic novel The Interman has been in the running to be on the 2004 Best Books for Young Adults list for months, and now has officially made it. I happily thank the American Library Association [...]